Commissioners hear coroner’s report for ‘17

Staff Report

POMEROY — The Meigs County Commissioners met yesterday for their regularly scheduled meeting to hear the coroner’s report and approve several resolutions.

Meigs County Coroner Dr. Daniel Whiteley summarized his work for 2017 to the commissioners as follows: zero homicides, five suicides including three gunshot wounds of the head and two hangings, three automobile accidents, one tractor accident, one gunshot wound accident, two asphyxia accidents, one carbon monoxide accident, one compressive accident, two drug intoxication accidents, 12 cardiac natural deaths, three pulmonary embolis natural deaths, 1 carcinoma of the esophagus natural death, two respiratory insufficiency natural death, one esophageal varices natural death. Whiteley signed off on 19 natural deaths. He investigated 31 deaths, but did not sign off on them because the patient’s physician did.

Commissioner Tim Ihle made a motion to make a transfer of $28,000 for The Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District into their Special Fund account and the commissioners approved.

Commissioner Mike Bartrum made a motion to approve Code Red Community Emergency Notification System and the commissioners agreed.

Bartrum made a motion to appoint Don Tillis to the Meigs County Transportation Improvement District Board and the commissioners approved.

Ihle made a motion to accept that on Feb. 3 during the re-consecration of Harrisonville Lodge 411 the commissioners will congratulate the members of the lodge and thank them for their involvement and the commissioners approved.

Ihle made a motion to accept all actions necessary to effect a governmental electricity aggregation program with opt-out provisions pursuant to section 4928.20 of The Ohio Revised Code, directing the Meigs County Board of Elections to submit a ballot question to the electors of unincorporated areas of the county and the commissioners approved.

Ihle made a motion to approve the contract made by Dinsmore and Shohl LLP- Legal Counsel regarding the sheriff’s bond and operating levy engagement letter and the commissioners agreed.

Bartrum made a motion to accept a fiscal officer to certify the maximum maturity of bonds and the commissioners agreed.

Ihle made a motion to accept the necessity of issuing bonds for a criminal justice facility and levying a tax to pay debt service on such bonds and submitting the question of such bonds to the electors of the county and requesting the county to certify matters and the council approved.

Bartrum made a motion to change the name of a Chester Township Road from Burke-Geoglein to Flatrock and the commissioners approved.

Cardiovascular Coordinator for Meigs County Laura Cleland will host the kick-off meeting for the Active Transportation Plans at the Pomeroy Library at 11 a.m. on Feb. 7.

Staff Report