Racine Council looks at sidewalk repair

Staff Report

RACINE — Racine Village Council recently met in recessed session where council addressed everything from pursuing a grant for e-ticket equipment for the police department, to sidewalk repair funds, to a resident’s water leak.

The council members in attendance were Robert Beegle, Kevin Dugan, Chad Hubbard, Jeff Morris, Ashli Peterman, and Ian Wise along with Administrator John Holman and Fiscal Officer Janet Krider. Mayor Scott Hill presided over the meeting.

Council authorized Morris to apply for the grant for the “free” e-ticket equipment for the cruiser. It was noted Syracuse and Middleport use this e-ticket equipment which is used to write traffic tickets. The reader will read the information from Ohio driver’s licenses when swiped.

Mayor Hill reported he would file the application with the Ohio Department of Transportation for the sidewalk project. They are due in May and awarded in August with construction to begin in September. He advised that the paperwork is completed.

The council spent some time discussing a written complaint from a resident who was criticizing the village for not informing them they had a water leak. Reportedly, the water bills for the past 3 months had huge increases. Hill reported that when he and Holman were informed of the resident’s concerns about the increased gallons used, they went to the residence and did some tests and found that they had a 0.43 gallon per minute leak and the residents were informed. The village is not responsible for leaks on the residence side of the meter. During the discussion, it was noted that there are a number of residences that do not have their own shut offs. If residences have a leak inside their residence, Holman has to shut off the water at the meter. It was also brought out that there is water leak insurance available covering $12 a year and coverage is from July 1 through June 30.

It was noted Hubbard, president pro tern, will be attending Mayor’s Court Training in Columbus and will be using the village car.

Dugan and Peterman were selected to serve on the Firemen’s Dependency Board.

Because the village had the federal grant for the waterline replacement there will be a federally required yearly audit of the funds for 2017. The Fiscal Officer was authorized to divide the audit fees among the various funds as discussed with the State Auditors at the last audit.

The Fiscal Officer was also authorized to establish a line item in the appropriations for the Permissive License Tax that is collected by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The state auditor’s office was to hold a pre-audit meeting last Thursday for the 2017 audit

Council agreed to sell the 1999 dump truck to Letart Township. The transaction will occur after the new dump truck the village is getting from the water project funds is delivered.

Hill advised the insurance representative from Kinder Insurance was not attending the meeting due to the road conditions. The mayor also advised that he had discussion with the representative concerning the items the village might want to drop and other items to increase The insurance representative advised that some of the items the village thought about dropping would not be that much of a decrease but that it could be done anytime and the village would get credit

It was noted that this is Racine’s 29th year in the Ohio Plan insurance through Kinder Insurance. With the village discount, the renewal is approximately $1,500 cheaper than last year

Council authorized increasing the coverage on the municipal building and the mayor and village administrator will go over the list and make necessary reduction and the Fiscal Officer pay the renewal.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Monday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m.

Information submitted by Robert Beegle.

Staff Report