Racine council holds first meeting of 2018

Staff Report

RACINE — Mayor Scott Hill recently presided over Racine Village Council’s first meeting of 2018.

The regularly scheduled meeting was held on Jan. 2. Prior to this meeting, Hill administered oaths of office to council members Robert Beegle, Kevin Dugan, Ashli Peterman, and Ian Wise.

Council Member Chad Hubbard was elected to be president pro temp. The council adopted the current Rules of Council and the Ohio Basic Code. Hill reported to the council that committees would be appointed as needed.

After a short budget hearing, the council went into regular session. The minutes of the December meeting and the temporary appropriations ordinance were approved.

The council will review the insurance coverage plan to see where more coverage may be needed and a representative of the insurance company will be at the next meeting.

Council member Jeff Morris reported there is a state grant for eticket equipment for the village’s cruiser. He shared that Middleport and Syracuse both use the eticket system and the only cost to the village would be for the wireless card. Morris wanted more information from the council to see if he should look into this grant. Hill advised Morris that since the general fund is tight, more information on the exact cost is needed before further action can be taken.

The firetruck funds were discussed and the newest truck is 14 years old. Several other items need replaced as well because they do not meet standards.

The council authorized the Fiscal Officer Janet Krider to contact the county auditor to ascertain the amount of money that would be generated with a one million dollar levy.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 10.

Submitted by Councilman Robert Beegle.

Staff Report