‘We Met Our Goal!’

Meigs Cooperative Parish fundraising ‘pays off’ in more ways than one

By Lorna Hart - lhart@civitasmedia.com

POMEROY — As the Nov. 1 deadline loomed for the Meigs County Cooperative Parish to raise $30,000 to meet a challenge by an anonymous donor, Robert Beegle was recently at his desk writing letters to more potential contributors to the cause.

The parish was challenged to raise the $30,000, which if matched by the donor, would pay off the $59,556.71 loan balance of the Mulberry Community Center’s restoration and renovation projects. The building that now houses the Center was the former Pomeroy Grade School. Purchased by the Parish in 2003 for $1, needed work on the structure required a loan of around $260,000.

The parish had been paying on the loan, but there was still almost $60,000 left.

According to board member and 2016 chair-elect of the council, Robert Beegle, parish officials were hoping that individuals and organizations within the community who appreciate its services would join the fundraising efforts.

“We knew it was a difficult time to ask for money, with school starting and people already committed to other fundraisers. But with the opportunity to double your money, it was a hard challenge to turn down,” Beegle said when discussing the donor challenge.

Their efforts were rewarded Monday as more than $7,000 was donated to the parish.

The anonymous donor was notified and immediately came forward with a check for more than $30,000.

When asked what the plan was to celebrate their achievement and the generosity of the donors, Beegle and current parish members replied that it happened so fast, they needed time to prepare.

“We were so busy trying to meet the goal,” Beegle said. “And having it met so unexpectedly, that’s not a bad problem to have, but we hadn’t thought about what we would do if it happened.”

In the meantime, everyone involved with the parish and Mulberry Community Center are excited about the donations and the opportunity that has been provided to pay off the loan early, and express their appreciation for everyone’s support.

For more information on the Mulberry Community Center, visit their Facebook page at Meigs Cooperative Parish or e-mail the parish at meigscooperative@meigscooperative.org.

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Meigs Cooperative Parish fundraising ‘pays off’ in more ways than one

By Lorna Hart