Weather cancels senior center events

By Erin Perkins -

POMEROY — The local Senior Citizen’s Center is cancelling events for the week because of the extremely cold weather.

The Meigs Council on Aging Inc. Senior Citizen’s Center has cancelled events for the seniors this week including craft day set for yesterday (Tuesday), bingo on Wednesday, and game day on Thursday. According to Rhonda Rathburn, who works in the transportation department at the center, the center is still open for those who wish to come in and eat a meal.

Rathburn shared the center’s numbers for Tuesday were low and she is advising individuals with unsteady footing to stay at home in these current weather conditions. The below freezing temperatures and snow make traveling to and from the center dangerous, said Rathburn. She expressed that certain seniors who visit the center do not have help clearing their walkways during the winter months and that makes leaving their homes difficult.

Rathburn shared that during the winter months especially during the times of below freezing temperatures and when snow covers the streets, the parking lots, and the walkways, that seniors should prepare themselves to stay at home until the weather conditions are more favorable to leave their homes.

Rathburn said that if anyone has questions concerning the cancellations, they may call the center at (740) 992-2161.

The Meigs Council on Aging, Inc. also advised anyone visiting the center to practice extreme caution as their parking lot and walkways are icy.

By Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.