Syracuse council discusses park, shelter house

By Erin Perkins -

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Village Council discussed updates on current projects and changed the date of its first meeting in January.

Council member Debbie Clay presented two separate quotes for the purchase of mulch for the park. One quote was for $11 per cubic yard which will be available when the weather is warmer and another quote was for $30 per cubic yard which is available immediately. The council agreed to wait for purchase of the mulch and to wait for Rose to complete the drainage project until the weather is warmer. Rose’s Excavation will pick up the mulch and will spread it once the drainage project is complete. Clay motioned to purchase up to $2,000 of playground wood fiber mulch from Haessly Hardwood Lumber Company in Marietta, Ohio and the council agreed.

Council member David Poole presented the updated Buckley Group proposal for the shelter house and the price did not change. Poole made a motion to approve the proposal and pay the $4,500 fee and the council agreed.

Mayor Eric Cunningham expressed the fire department’s truck needs a sure power system due to battery and starting problems. Council member Rhonda Rathburn made a motion to purchase a system from Dill’s for $2,000 and the council approved. The fire department membership applications are currently postponed on behalf of pending background checks. Rathburn shared the fire pickup truck was lower than initially expected.

Poole verified that the council’s new solicitor Richard Hedges had all of the necessary paperwork from the former solicitor. Council Member Eber Pickens noted the pool needs to have water added to it and asked Cunningham if the police officers had access to active 911 yet. Cunningham told Pickens he will check with Police Chief Mony Wood.

Fiscal Officer Crystal Cottrill asked if the council wanted to continue to retain Clemans Nelson. After discussion, Clay motioned to send a letter to Clemans Nelson to terminate their retainer agreement and the council agreed. Cottrill informed the council the Ohio Checkbook site will be live soon.

Cunningham asked the 2018 council members in attendance Tom Weaver, Nicole Sampson, Poole, and Rathburn if they could switch the January meeting to Jan. 4 as Cunningham wants the President of the Council to be selected so he or she may attend Mayor’s Court training on Jan. 18 and Jan 19. Hedges added that he is a certified magistrate and may be able to assist. Rathburn motioned to set the January meeting for Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. and the council agreed. Cunningham asked Hedges if he would be willing to meet and assist setting the records retention policy in the new year and Hedges agreed.

By Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.