For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day Shift

Nov. 26

Theft- Deputy Elberfeld is investigating the reported theft of a chainsaw from a residence on Metheny Fairplay Road. Craig McClintic reported the theft of a Husqvarna chainsaw from an outbuilding. The chainsaw was taken sometime overnight on 11-25-17. Anyone with any information regarding this theft is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Breaking and Entering- Sgt Patterson took a report of a breaking and entering at The Church of Christ on McGuire Rd. Entry was made by breaking out a window on the back side of the church. A suspect was identified and was picked up a short time later. The suspect, Jerold Haas, age, 42, was picked up and reportedly confessed to the incident, according to the sheriff’s office. Other evidence also reportedly linked Haas to the crime. Charges are pending.

Trespass- Sgt Patterson responded to report of hunters trespassing on property on Coolville Road. When Sgt Patterson arrived, the parties had already worked out the problems and no further action was required.

Court Papers- Deputies served four court papers and attempted four more.

Nov. 28

Domestic- Sgt Patterson responded to a 911 call where the all operator could hear was yelling and screaming on the line. When units arrived on scene and spoke with all parties involved it was determined that two brothers had been arguing but they had settled their differences and no further action was required.

Suspicious person – Deputy Elberfeld and Deputy Stacy responded to a report of a suspicious male subject on SR 681 dressed all in black walking along the side of the road. Units were able to make contact with the subject and transported him back to his residence.

Nov. 29

Alarm- Deputy Elberfeld responded to an alarm activation at a residence on Old St Rt 346. Upon his arrival Deputy Elberfeld contacted the landowner and found that it was an accidental activation. No further action required.

Night shift

Dec. 4

Vehicle Pursuit: Deputy Stewart was involved in a vehicle pursuit on Buckeye Lane outside of Rutland. Subjects jumped out of the vehicle at the last residence on that road and fled in an unknown direction of travel on foot. A small amount of drugs and paraphernalia was located throughout the vehicle. Still under investigation.

Dec. 6

Loud Music/ Fire Complaint: Sgt. Jones responded to 37700 Cross Road where the Caller advised his neighbors were allegedly playing loud music, had a very large fire that continues to get bigger, and allegedly shooting multiple guns toward his home. No large fire was found, and the neighbor was advised to keep his music down. No further action was taken.

Dec. 7

Burglary: Deputy Fennell responded to 41625 Bear Wallow Ridge, Shade for a reported burglary. A distillery and two buildings had been broken into with unknown items taken. A report was taken at scene and this case remains under investigation.

Assist OSP: Deputy Fennell assisted OSP with a reported one car roll over at State Route 124 and Route 7.

Dec. 8

Domestic-Dispatch received a call of a possible domestic at a residence on Mt. Olive Rd. Deputies arrived at the scene and spoke with the subjects involved. It was determined the dispute was all a verbal argument. The female agreed to leave the home for the night and was transported by a deputy to a residence in Long Bottom. No further action was taken on this call.

Motorist assist-Dispatch received a call from a juvenile female advising that she and a friend were broke down on SR.7 near Laurel Cliff Rd. A deputy was sent to assist. The vehicle was over heating and was not able to be driven. The girls were transported to the sheriff’s office where they called a friend to pick them up and take them home.

Suicidal threats-Dispatch received a call from a female advising that her daughter had called her on the phone very upset stating she was going to harm herself. It was believed that she may have been driving around in the Syracuse area when she made the call. Deputies were sent to patrol the area. They located the vehicle and stopped her on Morning Star Road. The female denied making any threats to harm herself but was very upset over an argument with her boyfriend and mother. Her brother arrived at the scene of the traffic stop and she agreed to go with him for the night. No further action was taken on this call.

Dec. 9

Vehicle Accidents-Due to snowy weather conditions several minor crashes occurred across the county that were handled by both Deputies and State Troopers. No injuries were reported. As winter sets in, this small snow event serves as a reminder for all drivers to use caution and slow down.

Assist another department-Gallia County Sheriff’s Office called requesting that deputies assist them on a Domestic call with a gun involved on Rowlesville Road. Due to weather conditions Gallia County believed we would be able to get to the scene sooner than their units. When Meigs deputies arrived on scene they met with a Gallia deputy and two State Troopers. A perimeter was set up on the home until the other Gallia deputies could make it to the scene. Once they arrived entry was made into the home due to the severity of the call and the scene was secured. Shortly after Meigs deputies were released from the scene. No further action was taken by Meigs deputies on this call.

Dec. 10

Assist another department-Athens PD called and advised they were investigating the theft of a cell phone and it is pinging at an address on Manuel Road near Racine. Sgt. Mohler went to the residence and contacted the home owner. When asked about the phone he stated that he was a cab driver in Athens, and Saturday night he had picked up a very intoxicated female and her phone was dead, so she asked to put it on his charger. When he dropped her off she left the phone in the cab. He attempted to locate her but was unable to find her. He had planned to turn it into the cab company when he returned to work. Athens PD was advised of his explanation and when they told the victim, it jogged her memory and she agreed that was what had happened. Sgt. Mohler took the phone and it was returned to the owner. No further action was taken on this call.

Dec. 11

Disturbance-Dispatch received a call from a male on Hartinger Road. Pomeroy advising that he had an adult handicap son who was being unruly, and becoming aggressive. Deputy Stewart arrived at and scene and spoke with the suspect. No violence had occurred, and after speaking with the subject, he had calmed down. The father was advised to call us back if needed. No further calls were received from the home that night.

Day shift

Dec. 10

Unruly Juvenile- Deputy Stewart responded to Pomeroy Library over a report of an unruly juvenile. Deputy Stewart transported to juvenile to the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office where the juvenile was turned over to the parents.

Dec. 11

Harassment- Deputy Elberfeld took a report from a female that was being harassed through text messages and social media messages. Deputy Elberfeld made contact with the suspect and told him not to contact the female anymore or charges would be filed.