Dash for Cash to return in January

HNB family nights set for 4 schools

Staff Report

OHIO VALLEY — Home National Bank’s Family Nights are set to make a return for the 2017-18 season in January.

This is the 23rd year for the event which includes the ever-popular “Dash for Cash” during the varsity game at each school.

The 2017-18 basketball season family night events are scheduled as follows: Jan. 16, at Eastern; Jan. 19, at Meigs; Jan. 23, at Wahama; and Jan. 26, at Southern.

This will be the first year the bank has extended its event to Wahama.

Over the last 22 years, numerous fans have picked up handfuls of cash and some bruised knees in the “Dash for Cash.” A few years ago, a new event, the skill shot challenge was added where contestants have a chance to win $100 with a half-court shot.

During halftime of the junior varsity game, four participants are drawn to attempt a half-court shot for $100. If no one wins the $100, they progress to the three-point line for $75, then foul line for $50 until someone wins.

During halftime of the varsity game is the Dash for Cash where eight contestants are drawn to dash on their hands and knees to pick up as much as they can of the $300 scattered across the entire gym floor.

Admission to the game is free, courtesy of Home National Bank.

HNB family nights set for 4 schools

Staff Report