Pomeroy council discusses raises, bonuses

By Erin Perkins - eperkins@aimmediamidwest.com

POMEROY — Pomeroy Village Council discussed raises for the Police Department and Christmas bonuses for full-time and part-time employees during this week’s meeting.

Council member John Musser explained the decisions of the finance committee. All employees at the Pomeroy Police Department will be receiving $0.50 raises with dispatchers receiving $0.85. The Police Chief will receive a $2,000 raise on his yearly salary.

The decided amount for Christmas bonuses for employees was set at $110 for full-time employees and $55 for part-time employees.

The next finance meeting will cover raises for the new year.

Mayor Don Anderson asked for two members of the council to volunteer for the Volunteer Firefighters Dependents Board in which two members of the village council, two members of the Pomeroy Fire Department, and one nominated individual will serve as a call-in substitute if a volunteer firefighter is killed while on duty. Council members Maureen Hennessy and Nick Michael volunteered.

The third and final reading of ordinance 785-17 on amending permit fee amounts commenced. Michael made a motion to approve the ordinance to be effective on Jan. 1 and council agreed.

Anderson brought attention to the high amount of unpaid water bills in the village. The council members discussed a few ideas for an ordinance that will hold individuals responsible for their missed payments, so the village will not have to compensate for them.

Anderson updated the council on pending grants and projects within the village. The emergency grants for the Storm Water Project on Pomeroy streets Fisher, Lincoln Hill, Peacock, Butternut, and Mulberry will tentatively take effect on May 31, 2018. The contract made for the Riverbank/Parking lot project is in regional court for review. Over 95 percent of the work for the Risk Management Assessment and Plan has been completed while the other five percent will be completed in the Spring.

Fiscal Officer Sue Baker discussed the necessity of revising the hiring process policy. Every employee needs a background check before hire, a valid driver’s license, and a yearly check on the employee’s driving records for the employees who have paid drive time or use of a village vehicle. Baker insisted these files need to stay up to date.

By Erin Perkins


Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.