Meigs Local, MCSO address safety concern

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood and Meigs Local Supt. Scot Gheen have both issued statements on an alleged threat against Meigs High School.

A Facebook post on the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page reads as follows:

Tonight I’m sending this message out in response to the numerous calls my office has received regarding concerns of a threat to the Meigs High School tomorrow (Monday). My office has been working closely with school officials to protect the safety and security of the students and staff at Meigs High School. My office will continue to monitor all matters in any of our schools in Meigs County.

Message from Meigs Local Superintendent Scot Gheen:

This message is for all parents, as your superintendent I wanted to send this message out to address numerous calls and rumors from social media posts regarding a safety concern at Meigs High School. The district and Sheriff’s Office have looked into these rumors and allegations and the matter has been addressed. Please understand safety is a very important concern to us and we will continue to work together with all parties to ensure the safest learning environment for all students.

Thank you,

-Sheriff Wood

By Sarah Hawley