Middleport council discusses phase one of sewer project

By Erin Perkins - eperkins@aimmediamidwest.com

MIDDLEPORT — Community members living on Main Street in Middleport expressed their concerns involving phase one of the sewer project to the village at Middleport’s recent council meeting.

Village Administrator Joe Woodall raised awareness to the cost of repaving Main Street in brick after the sewer is replaced. The sewer project itself costs $2.3 million, with the cost of brick being $460,440. Woodall suggested using pavement, so they could not only pave the streets effected by the project, but surrounding streets as well. Mayor Sandy Iannarelli and Solicitor Richard Hedges informed Woodall if new brick is not used to replace the old brick, then the ordinance will be in violation as it currently states the streets will be redone in their original form. The council will deliberate this motion further as a change to the ordinance will be needed to replace brick with pavement.

Residents spoke out about not having an adequate amount of information, such as the process of developing the contract and a step-by-step plan of the project’s duration provided to them. One complaint regarded the construction going later than 6 p.m. Woodall assured the resident the construction team came against an emergency and could not leave the situation until morning. Residents are not pleased with the state of their driveways and some are unable to access their garages. Woodall assured them a 304 mix will be used until the workers can lay asphalt in spring and will aide in giving them access to their garages.

Woodall shared with the council a letter from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources granting them $34,000. The village plans on using the funds to renovate the Marina. Council member Doug Dixon suggested dedicating the marina to William Aldridge, who, according to Dixon was a prominent man of Middleport. Iannarelli will look into the process of renaming and dedicating a location.

Woodall informed the council the cost of the repair for the sidewalk at the Masonic temple will be around $1,000 for the concrete. He asked the council for a Christmas bonus this year for his workers. Council member Emerson Heighton maked a motion for approval and the council agreed.

Assistant Chief and jail administrator Mony Wood reported on parking violations around the village. Wood is in need of a specific ordinance to assist him in making residents mind parking restrictions such as the number of vehicles they have occupying the streets and the parking of trailers and boats on the streets. Iannarelli and the council will be in search of such ordinances for Wood and will report back to him.

Fiscal Officer Sue Baker discussed an ordinance for the cafeteria (Section 1-25) plan in which the IRS needs an updated resolution for their insurance plans starting Dec.1, 2017 and ending Dec. 30, 2018. Council member George Hoffman maked a motion for approval and the council agreed.

Jay Edwards was in attendance of the meeting and spoke to the council and guests of how he appreciates visiting Middleport. He wants a relationship with the residents of the village by making himself available to them personally to learn their concerns. Iannarelli regards Edwards as a truthful man who speaks from his heart, according to statements at the meeting.

Edwards gave the village access to his personal cell phone number and encouraged residents to reach out to him.

By Erin Perkins


Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.