Middlport Council welcomes WATCO workers

By Erin Perkins - eperkins@aimmediamidwest.com

MIDDLEPORT — WATCO workers spoke to the village of Middleport regarding their work at Hobson Yard Monday evening.

Rob Oliva and Brad Davenport explained to the Middleport council and community members the WATCO program and their current involvement within the village. WATCO is a transloading facility that transports freight and product from rail to truck. The program has been in operation for 35 years and maintains the original contract on which they founded their business. The contract states that a client can choose to end their time working with WATCO at any point the client is unsatisfied. WATCO transloads several materials including scrap metal, car parts, crude oil, and fly ash.

WATCO has hired four drivers, including Davenport, to transport fly ash from Mountaineer Power Plant to the rail line. Fly ash is a byproduct from the burning of pulverized coal in power plants and is used when making concrete. WATCO has been in touch with Mayor Sandy Iannrelli and Perry Varnadoe the directer at the Meigs County Economic Development Office since beginning their work in the village. WATCO’s involvement with Middleport is a huge investment and as the program grows will create jobs for the area.

Residents were curious as to how long the contract for transloading fly ash was set. The contract is set for five years. Residents were also concerned about the effects on the environment. Davenport expressed the trucks emit little to no dust and Oliva assured that each truck is EPA tested regularly. The residents also wanted to discuss the welfare of the streets after being driven on by fully loaded trucks. Davenport assured them that if the traffic becomes too heavy, the drivers will begin taking alternate routes as to not congest traffic or damage roads.

More on this week’s Middleport council meeting in an upcoming edition.


By Erin Perkins


Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.