Syracuse hires new solicitor and officer

By Erin Perkins -

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Village Council took on the business of hiring a new village solicitor and part-time police officer.

Richard Hedges attended the meeting regarding the letter of interest he submitted to be Syracuse solicitor. Hedges is currently a solicitor for the surrounding areas of Middleport, Coolville, Albany, and Nelsonville. He asked to keep the same amount of pay as the current solicitor. Council member Eber Pickens made a motion to hire Hedges as Syracuse’s solicitor and the council approved.

Police Chief Mony Wood and Officer Michael Oliver presented to the council tickets from their eTicket systems recently installed in their cruisers. Wood asked for $65 to fund Wi-Fi access through an AT&T account. Council member Debbie Clay made a motion for approval and the council agreed. Wood inquired a pay increase to $13 per hour for Oliver. Clay made a motion for approval and the council agreed. Two applications were submitted for part-time police officers to the Office of Criminal Justice Systems with word of approval for one officer to be known later this month and word for the other to be known in January. However, Wood expressed his need for a new hire immediately. After a discussion of the levy funds, council member Nicole Sampson made a motion to hire Jordan Snoke at five hours per week and the council approved.

Syracuse resident Larry Fields approached the council with concern of a rotting tree that he felt may soon fall and land on power lines. The council discussed the issue and if the tree can be removed within a budget of $3,000, they will contact the proper affiliates to have the tree removed.

The council discussed the seasonal outcome of the community pool. The pool is a financial loss for the village by losing between $9,000 and $17,000 each season. Clay informed the council that the end of season cleaning was not completed and suggested an adult needs to be present at all times to manage underage workers. However, because of the pay being minimum wage, adults are not inclined to apply for a position.

Council member Sampson asked about the progress on installing a sink with an eyewash station in the fire station and fiscal officer Crystal Cottrill informed the council she is still searching for the best option to purchase. Council member David Poole is interested in bringing back the Hubbard little league tournament that was sponsored by the fire department years ago, since he enjoyed the event as a child. Mayor Eric Cunningham gave Poole a past proposal for the return of the Hubbard tournament to review. Further concerns of the baseball field were discussed as Clay addresses the funding for the co-ed tournaments. Cunningham informed her that the host team must pay $100 to use the field. Poole brought forth the topic of mandatory trash services and Cunningham informed him an ordinance for this project would be necessary and suggested that he holds a meeting at the community center to inform the public.

Councilman-elect Tom Weaver sat in on the recent Syracuse meeting this past Thursday as they discussed new hires.

By Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.