Mix of incumbents, newcomers win council, board seats

Mix of incumbents, newcomers win council, board seats

By Sarah Hawley - shawley@aimmediamidwest.com

MEIGS COUNTY — All five village councils and two school boards will see new officials according to the unofficial results from Tuesday’s general election.

In Middleport Village, incumbent Sharon Older was re-elected, as was incumbent, write-in candidate Emerson Heighton. Write-in candidates Brian Conde and Carolyn French were also elected to council seats in the village.

In Pomeroy, incumbents Nicholas Michael, Philip Ohlinger and Victor Young III will be joined by Brian Young.

In Syracuse Village, the lone council member to retain his seat was the recently appointed David Poole. Poole will be joined by newly elected council members Barry McCoy, Tom Weaver and Michelle White.

In Racine, incumbents Robert E. Beegle and Ian Wise will be joined by newcomers Kevin Dugan and Ashli Peterman.

In Rutland, four seats were open, with Kimberly Wilford as the lone candidate on the ballot. Candidates Stephanie Dillon and Kip Grueser withdrew prior to election day.

In the board of election races, incumbents retained their seats on both the Meigs and Eastern Local Boards of Education.

Heather Hawley and Ryan Mahr defeated a pair of challengers to keep their seats on the Meigs Local Board of Education, while Sammi Mugrage and Amanda Reed were unopposed in their reelection bids.

For the Southern Local Board of Education, incumbents Dennis Teaford and Brenda Johnson will be joined by write-in candidate Thomas Woods who defeated three other write-in candidates.

Alexander Local Board of Education will also see new faces, as Jay Barnes and Josh Collins, joined incumbent Fred Davis in earning the board’s three open seats.

Voter turnout in Meigs County for the election was 37.47 percent, with 5,761 of the county’s 15,376 registered voters casting their ballots.

Results will remain unofficial until the official vote count takes place on Nov. 20 at the Meigs County Board of Elections. An unknown number of provisional ballots will be counted as part of the official vote count.

Unofficial results:


Middleport Council (four to be elected) — Brian Conde, 249; Carolyn French, 117; Emerson Heighton, 128; Sharon Older, 178; Ruby Vaughan, 98.

Pomeroy Mayor (unexpired term ends Dec. 1, 2019) — Don M. Anderson, 240;

Pomeroy Council (four to be elected) — Nicholas A. Michael, 194; Philip Ohlinger, 202; Thomas B. Proffitt, 63; Victor Young III, 188; Brian Young 192.

Racine Council (four to be elected) — Robert E. Beegle, 104; Kevin Dugan, 43; Ashli Peterman, 100; Ian Wise, 91.

Rutland Council (four to be elected) — Kimberly Wilford, 84; Stephanie Dillon, withdrew; Kip Grueser, withdrew.

Syracuse Council (four to be elected) — Barry McCoy, 194; Casey Pickens, 47; Eber Pickens Jr., 118; David Poole, 179; Tom Weaver, 190; Michelle A. White, 168.

Syracuse Board of Public Affairs — No candidate.


Bedford Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Shawn Hawley, 155; Bob Jones, 208; Eldon Leon Sauters, 203.

Chester Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Jeromee Calaway, 259; James Hawthorne, 272; Alan Holter, 390; Paul Morrison, 196.

Columbia Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Gary Carr, 213; Don Cheadle, 160; Marco Jeffers, 158; Thomas A. Smith Sr., 154.

Lebanon Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Gary Cooper, 122; Donald R. Dailey, 103, Vincent Gray, 94; Gerrad Parry, 39; David Rose, 51.

Lebanon Twp. Trustee (unexpired term) — Matthew S. Evans, 167.

Letart Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Dave Graham, 105; Michael Roush 107.

Olive Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Austin Keith Bailey, 55; L. Brian Collins, 184; Larry Life, 232; William R. Osborne, 216.

Orange Twp. Trusee (two to be elected) — Michael E. Guess, 161; Chad Nelson, 171; Roger A. Ritchie, 117.

Rutland Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — David Davis, 258; Jamie Fortner, 166; Steve Lambert, 356.

Salem Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Jack L. Ervin, 156; Eddie Howery, 62; H. Dannie Lambert, 141.

Salem Twp. Trustee (unexpired term) — Rebecca J. Johnston, 174.

Salisbury Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Robert Ball, 598; Bill Spaun, 672.

Scipio Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Tammy Andrus, 119; Roger Cotterill, 172.

Sutton Twp. Trustee (two to be elected) — Tony Carnahan, 238; Alan Crisp, 291; Howard Ervin Jr., 346; Adam Johnson, 171; Joseph Nottingham, 197; Larry C. Smith, 376.

Board of Education

Athens-Meigs ESC At-Large (Meigs, Hocking and Athens County total) — John Depoy, 7,034.

Athens-Meigs ESC Southern Local — Mony Wood, 112.

Alexander Local Board of Education (three to be elected — Meigs, Athens and Vinton County totals) — Jay Barnes, 1,352; Josh Collins, 1,455; Fred Davis, 1,419; Margaret J. Demko, 1,041; Ralph Harvey Sr., 548; Lucy deLaval Juedes, 861; Jody L. Monk, 464.

Eastern Local Board of Education (two to be elected) — Sammi Mugrage, 875; Amanda Reed, 798.

Meigs Local Board of Education (two to be elected) — Heather Hawley, 1,342; Ryan Mahr, 1,152; Jayson Tillis, 553; Steven Vance, 542;

Southern Local Board of Education (three to be elected) — Brenda Johnson, 738; Don Smith, 32, Dennis Teaford, 630; Tom Theiss, 36; Kent Wolfe, 117; Tom Woods, 412.

State Issues

Issue 1, Marsy’s Law — Yes, 4,220; No, 1,293 (Meigs only totals).

Issue 2, Drug Price Relief Act — Yes, 952; No, 4,596 (Meigs only totals).

County, Local and Regional levies and issues

Meigs Public Library, 1 mill renewal — For, 3,948; Against, 1,704.

Meigs Senior Citizen Services, 1.6 mill — For, 3,435; Against, 2,138.

Meigs Correctional Facility Bond Issue, 2.95 mills — For, 2,417; Against, 3,189.

Pomeroy Village Current Expenses — For, 172; Against, 130.

Pomeroy Village, Fire Protection — For, 216; Against, 84.

Pomeroy Village Liquor Option, Sunday Sales at the Eagles — Yes, 46; No, 39.

Syracuse Village Current Expenses — For, 190; Against, 73.

Syracuse Village Police Protection — For, 177; Against, 81.

Syracuse Village Electric Aggregation — Yes, 93; No, 154.

Rutland Twp. Cemeteries Levy — For, 353; Against, 148.

Olive Twp. Road Maintenance — For, 311; Against, 104.

Chester Twp. Fire Replacement Levy — For, 514; Against, 205.

Sutton Twp. Current Expenses — For, 512; Against, 414.

Columbia Twp. Road Maintenance — For, 250; Against, 140.

Rio Grande Community College — (Meigs totals) For, 1,925; Against, 3,576; (Five County totals) For, 8,060; Against, 11,297.

Alexander Local Income Tax Levy (Meigs, Vinton and Athens totals) — For, 1,166; Against, 1,730.

Mix of incumbents, newcomers win council, board seats

By Sarah Hawley


Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.