Meigs voters approve township, village levies

By Sarah Hawley -

MEIGS COUNTY — Voters in some areas of Meigs County were asked to consider levies for their respective school district, village or township.

Unofficial results of the local levies and options are as follows:

Alexander Local Schools

Income Tax Levy, 1.25 percent, new, for five years (voted on by Meigs, Athens and Vinton) — For: 132; Against: 253 (Meigs only numbers)

Pomeroy Village

Current Expenses, 1.9 mill renewal — For: 172; Against: 130

Fire Protection, 1 mill renewal — For: 216; Against: 84

Syracuse Village

Current Expenses, 1 mill renewal —For: 190; Against: 73

Police Protection, 2 mill renewal —For: 177; Against: 81

Electric Aggregation —For: 93; Against: 154

Chester Twp.

Fire Protection, 2 mill replacement —For: 514; Against: 205

Sutton Twp.

Current Expenses, 0.4 mill additional —For: 512; Against: 414

Columbia Twp.

Road Maintenance, 1.2 mill renewal —For: 250; Against: 140

Olive Twp.

Road Maintenance, 2 mill renewal —For: 311; Against: 104

Rutland Twp.

Cemetery Operations, 1 mill renewal —For: 353; Against: 148

Eagles of Pomeroy

Local option to allow the Sunday sale of liquor —For: 46; Against: 39

By Sarah Hawley