Board of Education candidates elected

Southern Local results unknown

Staff Report

MEIGS COUNTY — Meigs and Eastern Local Boards of Education will remain the same, while Southern Local Board of Education results are unknown as of Tuesday’s press deadline.

For Meigs Local, candidates Heather Hawley and Ryan Mahr (both incumbents) were challenged by Jayson Tillis and Steven Vance for the two open seats.

Three seats were up for election on the Southern Local Board of Education, with incumbents Dennis Teaford and Brenda Johnson challenged by write-in candidates Kent Wolfe, Thomas Woods, Tom Theiss and Don Smith. Write-in candidate results were not available as of Sentinel press time on Tuesday evening and will appear in the Thursday print edition and online at

For Alexander Local, three were to be elected from the seven candidates. Candidates were Jay Barnes, Josh Collins, Fred Davis, Margaret J. Demko, Ralph Harvey Sr., Lucy deLaval Juedes and Jody L. Monk. Alexander Local has voters in Meigs, Athens and Vinton counties.

For the Eastern Local Board of Education, incumbents Sammi Mugrage and Amanda Reed were unopposed in their reelection bids.

Write-in candidate Mony Wood was unopposed to represent Southern Local on the Athens Meigs ESC Board, with John DePoy unopposed for a seat as an at-large representative to the board.

Unofficial results are as follows:

Board of Education

Eastern (two to be elected) — Sammi Mugrage 875 and Amanda Reed 798.

Meigs (two to be elected) — Heather Hawley 1,342, Jayson Tillis 553, Ryan Mahr 1,152 and Steven Vance 542.

Southern (three to be elected) — Dennis Teaford 630 and Brenda Johnson 738; write-in 673.

Alexander (three to be elected – voting in Meigs, Athens and Vinton counties) — Jay Barnes 205, Josh Collins 197, Fred Davis 161, Margaret J. Demko 137, Ralph Harvey Sr. 63, Lucy deLaval Juedes 56, and Jody L. Monk 69. (These are Meigs only totals)

Athens-Meigs ESC Board (Southern) — Erite-in 308.

Athens-Meigs ESC Board (at-large) — John DePoy 3,388.
Southern Local results unknown

Staff Report