Mayor, council elected; some results unknown

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Council seats around the county, as well as the position of Pomeroy Mayor were voted on Tuesday by residents in Meigs County’s five villages.

In Pomeroy, Don Anderson, who has been serving as acting mayor, was unopposed to keep the position. He took on the role of mayor following the resignation of Bryan Shank earlier this year. Anderson received 240 votes.

As for council, four seats were to be elected in each village.

Results involving write-in candidates were not available as of Sentinel press time on Tuesday evening, and will appear in the Thursday print edition and online at

In Pomeroy, there were five candidates — Nicholas Michael, Victor Young III, Brian Young, Thomas Proffitt and Phillip Ohlinger — for the four seats, with Phillip Ohlinger, Nicholas Michael, Victor Young III and Brian Young, elected according to the unofficial results.

In Middleport, the results will be unknown until the official vote count in the coming weeks as there were four write-in candidates, in addition to candidate Sharon Older. Write-in candidates were Ruby Vaughan, Emerson Heighton, Carolyn French and Brian Conde.

The same is true in Syracuse, where the were five candidates, plus a write-in candidate for the four open seats. Candidates were Barry McCoy, David Poole, Michelle White, Eber Pickens Jr., Tom Weaver and write-in candidate Casey Pickens.

In Racine, there were three candidates, plus one write-in candidate for the four open seats, meaning all four would be elected to council. Candidates were Ashli Peterman, Ian Wise, Robert Beegle and write-in candidate Kevin Dugan.

In Rutland, there were only three candidates filed for the four seats, but two withdrew prior to the election. Candidates were Stephanie Dillon, Kip Grueser and Kimberly Wilford. Grueser and Dillon both withdrew.

Unofficial results

Village Council (four to be elected)

Pomeroy — Nicholas Michael 194, Victor Young III 188, Brian Young 192, Thomas Proffitt 63, and Phillip Ohlinger 202.

Middleport — Sharon Older 178, Write-Ins 603

Syracuse — Barry McCoy 194, David Poole 179, Michelle White 168, Eber Pickens Jr. 118, Tom Weaver 190, Write-In 49

Racine — Ashli Peterman 100, Ian Wise 91, Robert Beegle 104, Write-in 46

Rutland — Kimberly Wilford 84, Stephanie Dillon 34 (withdrawn), Kip Grueser 47 (withdrawn)

All results are unofficial until the official vote count is held later in November.

By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.