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Staff Report

Oct. 6

Combative patient — Dispatch received a call from EMS requesting a deputy meet a squad at the Meigs ER, advising that they were en route with a combative patient being transported from Bradbury Road for a reported overdose. When deputies arrived on scene the medics had already calmed the subject and had taken her inside the ER. She was attended to by the ER staff and the deputies stood by along with the ER Security Officer to insure there were no more problems. Some narcotics were allegedly recovered from the female and charges are pending.

Oct. 7

Noise complaint — Dispatch received a call complaining of loud music on McCumber Road. Deputies were dispatched and located a large party. Contact was made with the organizer of the event and the music was turned down. No violations of the law were observed by the officer while on the property. No further action was taken on this call.

Hang-up call — Dispatch received a call from 911 advising they had received a hang-up call from Hobson Drive, Middleport. A deputy was sent to make contact to make sure there was no problem. While in route 911 again contact dispatch, and advised that they had spoken with a female at that residence and she stated that she did not feel safe. The deputy arrived at the home and made contact and was advised the female had left the home walking toward Middleport. The female later turned up at Middleport PD and it was determined that the situation she was calling about was a civil matter but MPD had a warrant for her, so she was arrested.

Crash — 911 received a call of a roll over crash on State Route 124 near Lasher Road. The caller advised that one person was trapped in the vehicle and another male had fled the scene on foot. Deputies arrived in the area and searched for the suspect that had fled the scene. The male was found by Sgt. Mohler hiding under a bridge on Lasher Road. A squad was called to check him for minor injuries and he refused treatment. He was returned to the crash scene and turned over to the OSP unit handling the investigation. No further action was taken by deputies on this call.

Pursuit — While setting stationary in Salem Center, Deputy Hupp noticed a pick-up go left of center on State Route 124 and then the driver had trouble negotiating the right-hand turn onto Salem School Lot Road, according to the sheriff’s office Deputy Hupp pulled out and attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver then allegedly sped off refusing to stop. A pursuit was initiated by Deputy Hupp and Deputy Jones, who was also in the area, joined in. The driver of the fleeing vehicle reportedly lost control and ran off the road near Tower Road coming to a stop. The suspect jumped out of his vehicle and was met by the officer who took him into custody. A large knife was reportedly found on the suspect, and on the ground where he was taken into custody a loaded hand gun was reportedly located. A pair of brass knuckles were also located in the vehicle. The suspect Joshua A. Hendrick, age 27, of Rutland was transported to the Middleport Jail to be held until he appeared in court on several charges to include OMVI, fleeing, and illegal transport of a firearm. Additional charges may be pending after the investigation of the incident is complete.

Oct. 8

Investigate complaint — Dispatch received a call from a man on Baldknob Stiversville Road advising he heard loud boom that shook the house and he doesn’t think it was thunder nor anything out side. A deputy patrolled the area, nothing was found. No further action was taken on this call.

Argument — While on patrol deputies happened to come upon a North Carolina vehicle pulled off US 33 at Morning Star Road with emergency flashers on. Believing it was possibly broken-down, contact was made with the female in the van. She advised that she and her boyfriend had been arguing and he got out and walked away. She was going to stay there until he cooled down and returned. She was advised to call if needed. Deputies continued up US 33 and found the boyfriend walking in the rain near Bashan Road. Contact was made with him and he refused to be transported back to van. He advised that he already had a ride en route from North Carolina and it was over between them. He was given a ride to the Ravenswood City Park where he had shelter from the rain and the female waiting in the van was advised that he was safe and would not be returning.

Oct. 10

Assist EMS — Sgt. Patterson responded to Depot Street, Rutland ,with EMS for a possible overdose. Subject was transported by EMS.

Assist EMS — Sgt. Jones responded to Twin Oaks with EMS for possible overdose. Subject had left prior to his arrival and crashed on SR 733. OSP handled the crash.

Suspicious person — Sgt. Jones responded to Beech Grove Road for a reported female knocking on people’s doors and trying to get in. Sgt. Jones spoke with the caller and they reported that the female had gotten into a vehicle and left the area prior to his arrival. Sgt. Jones patrolled the area.

Prowlers — Deputy Campbell and Sgt. Jones responded to Cremeans Road for possible prowlers outside the caller’s residence shining lights in the living room windows. A search of the surrounding area was made, and nothing was found.

Domestic dispute — Deputy Barnhart and Sgt. Jones responded to Union Avenue where the caller advised she had allegedly been held at knife point all night long by her husband who has been drinking liquor all day. Caller advised he finally let her and her child go so she could go to work, but allegedly told her if she called the law that there will be problems as soon as they pull in the driveway. James Lee Garnes, age 47, of Pomeroy, was arrested and taken to the Meigs County Jail.

Oct. 12

Verbal dispute — Deputies Fennell and Jones responded to Sheets Road, Dexter for a possible verbal dispute in progress. Christopher Anthony, age 47, of Dexter, was arrested for disorderly and transported to the Meigs County Jail.

Oct. 13

Disturbance — Dispatch received a call from an unknown caller advising of a possible domestic on Arbaugh Street in Tuppers Plains. A deputy arrived at the home and spoke with the male there and was advised that they had been arguing, but the female was now gone from the residence. No further action was taken on this call.

Suspected poaching — Dispatch received a call from a female on Kaylor Road near Tuppers Plains advising she had heard a gunshot, when she looked outside she could see a spotlight shining in the sky but was unsure where it was coming from. A deputy was sent and patrolled the area. Nothing was found.

Oct. 14

Disturbance — Dispatch received calls from two complainants in Harrisonville complaining of loud noise and vehicles doing doughnuts in a field. Deputies arrived in the area and found the field where the incident had occurred then patrolled the area. Three groups of people were in the village and all denied being involved. After a short time, the deputies were sent back to the area because the office started receiving calls again. The officers did not see anyone committing any violations and were unable to make any arrest. The subjects that were thought to be involved were advised it would be in their best interest to go inside for the night, which they did. The deputies sat stationary for about an hour before leaving the area. No further calls were received.

Altered mental state — Dispatch received a call of a possible intruder at a home on State Route 143. Deputies arrived on the scene and spoke with the caller, an elderly female. She advised she heard someone talking outside her window about breaking into her home. Several family members had also arrived at the residence and were with her when the deputies arrived. One of them advised that his mother had not been feeling well and had been saying some strange things the past few days. The deputies checked around the home and did not find any signs of anyone being outside. The family was advised to call them back if needed. No further action was taken on this call.

Oct. 15

Weather — Dispatch received several reports of trees down in the road in various locations this evening in the county. Deputies were sent to find the exact locations and assess the safety of the situation. The appropriate agencies were then contacted to take care of the situations.

Oct. 16

Medic Assist — Dispatch received a call from EMS advising they needed a deputy to go with the squad to a residence on Texas Road reference a medical alarm. The company is unable to make phone contact with the home. Last time this happened there, forced entry had to be made and the female was found unresponsive. Contact was made on this call and it turned out to be a false alarm. EMS was advised and the squad was canceled.

Oct. 19

911 Hang-up — 911 called advising they have received several hang up calls from a residence on Jacks Road, where a kid kept calling and asking, “what’s going on tonight.” 911 requested a unit to go out and advise them to stop and verify there isn’t an emergency. Deputy Stacy arrived at the home and contacted the mother. She was advised of what had been going on. She knew her son had an old cell phone that did not have a service provider that she allowed him to play with. She was unaware that even a phone without a plan would call 911. She took the phone and no further calls were received.

Staff Report