For the Record

Staff Report

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night shift

Sept. 11

Deputies served six court papers and performed seven house checks.

Sept. 12

Suspicious activity — Deputy Stacy patrolled College Street in Syracuse for reported suspicious activity. Nothing found.

Sept. 13

Deputies performed eight house checks

Sept. 14

Burglary — Deputy Jones responded to Happy Hollow Road for a reported burglary. A report was taken at the scene and the investigation is pending.

Reckless operation — Deputies responded to the Park and Ride at Morning Star Road and US 33 in reference to vehicles doing donuts. The vehicles had left the scene prior to deputy’s arrival.

Domestic complaint — Deputies responded to Richards Road for a possible domestic complaint. The parties advised it was verbal in nature and agreed to separate for the night.

Sept. 18

Vandalism — Sgt. Jones took a report in reference to a broken window at a residence located on South Broadway Street in Racine. The man stated he left to go to the store and when he returned the window was broken.

Vandalism — Deputy Stacy responded to Millie’s on Bradbury Road in reference to juveniles placing tooth picks in customers car locks. Deputy Stacy spoke with all parties involved and a report was taken at the scene.

Suspicious vehicle/person — Deputy Stewart responded to Townsend Road and State Route 681 for a report of a female passed out in a vehicle. A woman was found in the vehicle and a male suspect had left the vehicle before Deputy Stewart’s arrival. A consent to search the vehicle was given and drug paraphernalia was allegedly located. The drug paraphernalia was taken as evidence for testing. Charges are pending in this case.

Suspicious person — Sgt Mohler responded to a residence on Valley Bell Road. A man advised that he was not home but his youngest daughter told him that a guy rode by their house on a four-wheeler and yelled threatening statements. He then stated that the daughter thought the male had a firearm and may have shot it. He advised he wanted someone to go out and check things out but contact was not necessary. Sgt Mohler patrolled the area and the male on the four-wheeler was not located. Sgt. Mohler then made contact with the caller and obtained information for his report.

Transport — Deputy Stacy transported Brewce Martin from Crawford County Jail for a hearing in Meigs County Common Pleas Court.

Possible breaking and entering — Sgt. Jones responded to a residence on Apple Grove Dorcas Road. A woman stated she came home and believes her window screen is out of place and thinks there may be someone inside her trailer. Sgt Jones check the residence and nothing was found. Information for report was taken at the scene.

Suspicious person — Sgt. Jones returned to the residence on Apple Grove Dorcas Road. The woman advised she needed a Deputy back up to the trailer as she’s had a subject up in a tree. When Sgt. Jones arrived at the residence she stated there was two males up the tree and they were wearing green camo clothing. Sgt. Jones determined there wasn’t anyone up the tree and took information for his report.

Sept. 19

Possible vehicular assault — Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones responded to the TNT Gas Station in Chester for a possible vehicular assault. On their arrival, the cashier that was on duty at the time stated that a female had attempted to run over a male as he exited the store. She stated the male stated he was walking up the road toward Tuppers Plains and the female went out State Route 248. The cashier stated the male said he was going to his father’s residence and didn’t want the cops called due to the fact he would go to jail. Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones searched the area and was unable to locate the male or female. A statement was taken at the scene for report.

Sept. 20

Assist Racine Police Department — Deputies Stacy and King assisted Racine Marshal Bell on Pearl Street in reference to a female cutting phone lines with hedge trimmers. Marshal Bell transported the female to Holzer Medical for evaluation by medical staff.

Assist Racine Police Department — Deputy Fennell and Sgt. Jones assisted Racine Marshal Bell with a reported fight between two females on Cross Street in Racine.

Well-being check — Deputy King and Sgt. Jones responded to Angelo Road in Long Bottom in reference to a well-being check. On their arrival, they made contact with the female and informed her to contact her family member.

Sept. 21

Suspicious person — Deputies Jones, King and Sgt. Jones responded to the Dollar General in Racine for a reported possible shop lifter. On their arrival, they came in contact with Breanna Miller, age 24, of Racine. After a consent search was obtained, drug paraphernalia was allegedly located on the female. She was then taken to the Sheriff’s office where she was cited and released.

Traffic stop — Nathan Vanaman, age 18, of Rutland, was cited for reckless operation, speed and fictitious tags after Sgt. Jones observed him allegedly drive down the center line of the road and allegedly drive in between two vehicles that were side by side on US 33.

Sept. 22

Suspicious person — Dispatch received a call about a suspicious person dressed in black walking around a vacant house on State Route 248. A deputy arrived on scene and made contact with the subject. It was discovered that it was the new home owner just checking his property. The neighbor who had called was unaware that the property had sold. No further action was taken on this call.

Alarm drop — Dispatch received a call of an alarm drop at the Dollar General store in Racine. The Racine Marshal was on duty at the time and was sent to check the store. Everything was secure. The key holder arrived on scene and the store was cleared. Everything was found to be in order, no further action was taken.

Sept. 23

Suspicious car — Dispatch received an anonymous call stating that a subject in a white car was driving around Browns Trailer Court asking to buy drugs. A deputy was sent and patrolled the area. The suspect vehicle had left the scene before they arrived. Patrols will be increased up in the area.

Warrant arrest — Dispatch received a call of a man slumped over along the side of Coolville Road. Deputies arrived and found Hank Rood, age 43, of Reedsville, lying in the ditch, allegedly intoxicated. While checking his information through dispatch it was determined that he had warrants for his arrest from both Meigs County Court and Common Pleas Court. He was arrested on the warrants and incarcerated in the MPD jail until he appeared on the charges.

Sept. 25

Assist OSP — Deputy Stewart and Patterson assisted OSP with a one car vehicle crash Wolf Pen Road.

Sept. 28

Assault — Deputies Jones and Fennell responded with the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office to the Family Dollar Store in Wilkesville for a possible assault that occurred on State Route 124. The victim was taken to the Family Dollar in Wilkesville by private vehicle. EMS and Vinton County Deputy Coscray were on scene at Family Dollar. Roman L. Malone, age 29, of Hamden was later arrested by the Vinton County Sheriff’s office with the assistance of Deputy Jones.

Auto accident — Deputy Fennell handled a one car accident at State Route 124 and Salem School Lot Road.

Assist EMS — Sgt Jones assisted EMS on Briar Ridge with a male patient hallucinating. The male was transported by EMS to Holzer ER Pomeroy.

Sept. 30

Discharge of a firearm — Dispatch received a call from a female on Burke Road in Chester advising she heard a gunshot as she was walking from her car to the house, and a bullet hit her porch. Deputies arrived on scene and recovered a round fired from a rifle, likely a 270 cal. The bullet did not do any damage to the surface that it struck. It appears that it was probably fired at a high angle and lost most of it energy before striking the porch. A report was completed and an investigation is pending.

Stolen vehicle — Dispatched received a call from a resident of State Route 833, Pomeroy, advising that someone had stolen his truck out of his driveway in the last five minutes. Deputy Fennell was sent to the residence to take a report while other officers patrolled the area for the truck. After about 10 minutes, he called the office and advised that he had received a call from his mother saying she had seen his truck on US 33 near State Route 681 headed toward Athens. Four hours later the sheriff’s office received another call from the man advising that it was his step-father that had allegedly taken his truck and he will not return it. Deputy Fennell spoke with the caller by phone and was advised further of the situation. It appears that this maybe a civil matter that will be resolved by the family. An investigation is being conducted and charges will be pending if the situation in not resolved.

Oct. 1

Theft in progress — Dispatch received a call from a female advising of a theft in progress at a home on New Lima Road. The owner is not there but has camera on the home and can see subjects in a white pick-up taking a trailer. Deputy Jones arrived at the residence first and the suspects had already left. He stayed on scene and took a report from the caller. The other deputies started patrolling the area for the suspect vehicle. Sgt. Mohler located the suspects on State Route 681 near Pageville. Once the suspect was identified it was determined that this was a civil matter. The victim knew the suspect and agreed that he was the trailer’s owner. The victim advised he was going to return the trailer the next day, but now that the owner has it, advise him not to return to his property. The owner was advised he was to not return to the caller’s property again. No further action was taken on this call.

Oct. 2

Prowler — Dispatch received a call about a possible prowler at a home on New Lima Road. A deputy arrived and checked the area, nothing was found. The female advised that she had seen the person on her security camera so the patrolman stayed in the area for some time and checked her home several times. No one was found to be in the area and no further action was taken on this call.

Staff Report