Southern board approves agenda items

Staff Report

RACINE — The Southern Local Board of Education approved numerous agenda items during its recent board meeting in the Kathryn Hart Community Center.

Supplemental contracts were approved as follows: Bill Whitlock, yearbook advisor and senior play; Chad Dodson, student council; Lori Sharp, junior high student council; and Ed Baker, safety coordinator.

The board approved a resolution concerning amenities for participants at meeting and other occasions.

The action taken by the board states in part,

The Board of Education recognizes the value in providing meals, refreshments and/or other amenities for staff, students, citizens, advisory groups who participate in meetings and staff development sessions, or on other occasions as deemed appropriate by the administration.

The action goes on to state that the board affirms that the expenses serve a valid public purpose in promotion of education, enhancement of morale and rapport and encouragement of participation in such activities.

Days and events covered under the action include professional waiver days, staff in-service days, parent teacher conferences, open houses and staff appreciation days.

The Southern Local Career Advising Policy was approved as presented.

The board approved the participation in the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program.

The board approved payment in the amount of $12,664 to Quality Sales and Service for Optoma Ultra projectors and accessories.

Uncollected food services debts in the amount of $664.60 at the elementary and $310.11 at the high school were written off by the board.

An overnight trip was approved for the golf team for the district tournament.

Annual appropriations were approved in the amount of $11,928,330.94.

Minutes of the previous meeting, bills, the financial statement, bank reconciliation statement and bills were approved as submitted.

A list of classified and certified substitutes were approved as presented.

Staff Report