For the record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Staff Report

Day Shift

Aug. 27

EMS assist — Deputy Snoke responded to a residence with EMS after receiving a call from a medical alarm company. When EMS units arrived, they observed a female lying on the floor inside the residence and forced their way in to start emergency treatment. The female was transported to the hospital for further treatment. Family arrived on scene to secure the residence.

Aug. 28

Theft — Deputy Stacy took a report from a man who reported a handgun was stolen from him. This incident remains under investigation and anyone with any information is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Alarm — Deputy Snoke responded to River of Life Church near Rutland on an alarm activation. When Snoke arrived and checked the building, a door was found to be open. Sgt. Patterson responded to the scene and both units cleared the building. Nothing appeared to have been disturbed inside the church. No further action taken.

Criminal damage — Sgt. Patterson took a report from a woman about her car being damaged while parked at Mizway Tavern. She reported her tires being slashed and her car being “keyed.” Suspects have been identified and the investigation continues.

Aug. 29

Eradication efforts — Deputy Snoke along with units from the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force conducted eradication operations in Meigs County when the spotter in the helicopter saw a male subject outside with what appeared to be marijuana plants at a residence near Tuppers Plains. Units went to the residence and made contact with Mark Nutter, 62, who turned over the alleged marijuana plants. Nutter was charged with possession of marijuana.

EMS assist — Sgt. Patterson responded to a residence on Happy Hollow Road to assist EMS with a female who was having thoughts of hurting herself. Sgt. Patterson secured the scene and waited until EMS units transported female to hospital for further treatment.

Aug. 30

Domestic — Sgt. Patterson and Sheriff Keith Wood responded to a residence on Sand Ridge Road for a domestic violence situation. When units arrived, they spoke with a male and female. She reported being assaulted by the male who was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Sex offender — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Aug. 31

School Resource Officer call — Meigs School Resource Officer Deputy Riley responded to a call of a student who was making threats of physical violence against other students and faculty. The student was sent home for the day and the school was going to do a follow up the next day.

Sept. 1

Assist EMS — Sgt. Griffin was dispatched to a residence on Whipple Road to assist Medics on a possible DOA. The Meigs County Assistant Coroner was called and it was determined that the victim had passed due to natural causes.

Sept. 3

Burglary — Deputy Snoke took a report from a Racine man who reported his wallet missing from his residence on Tornado Road. This incident remains under investigation.

Medical assist — Deputy C. Jones responded to a residence on Happy Hollow Road on a report of a distraught woman trying to hurt herself. Deputy Jones secured the scene until medic units could check her. Medics transported her to the ER for further evaluations.

Court papers — Deputies served seven court papers and attempted four others.

Sept. 4

Theft — Deputy C. Patterson is investigating the theft of a Golf Cart from Norris Green House on Hill Road. The golf cart was taken sometime overnight. The golf cart has since been recovered. Suspects have been identified and charges will be filed.

Sex offender — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Sept. 5

Unruly juvenile — Sgt. Patterson responded to a residence on State Route 143 on a report of an unruly juvenile, refusing to listen to parents and refusing to go to school. The juvenile was transported to the Juvenile Court and released to court authorities.

Investigate complaint — Deputy Stewart and Sgt. Patterson responded to a report of a male subject slumped over in a vehicle on Depot Street in Rutland. When units arrived, Deputy Stewart was able to get the subject awake and it was discovered the subject had allegedly been drinking. After conducting field sobriety tests Deputy Stewart arrested Stephen Thornton for OVI.

Well-being check — Deputy Hupp went to a residence on Silver Ridge Road to perform a well-being check on a female. When Hupp arrived the female’s husband along with two RNs were at the residence and everything was okay.

Sex offender — Deputies registered one sex offender.

Court papers — Deputies served three court papers.

Sept. 6

Vandalism — Sgt. Griffin responded to a residence near Langsville in reference to a car window being busted out. A report was taken and the incident remains under investigation.

Sept. 7

Disorderly — Deputies were called to a residence in Racine due to a female being disorderly. Upon arrival, Deputies spoke with the female and learned she was upset over some family issues. All parties agreed to stay calm and work their issues out.

Sept. 8

Fight — Sgt. Griffin received a call from a resident at Brown’s Trailer Park stating that there was a male and a female out behind her residence fighting. Both parties had left the area prior to our arrival. It was later determined that argument was verbal and neither subject was willing to cooperate.

Assist EMS — Units were called to residence near Bradbury on a report of an unresponsive male. It was later determined that male had passed due to natural causes.

Eradication — Deputies located and seized several marijuana plants at a residence in Burlingham. Charges are pending in Meigs County Court.

Sept. 10

Criminal trespass — Deputy Stewart responded to a residence in Racine to remove a female from the residence who was not welcome there and was causing problems. When Deputy Stewart arrived, the female left the residence without further problems. No further action required.

Sept. 11

Medic assist — Deputy Stewart responded to a residence on Leading Creek on a report of a person gasping for air. When Deputy Stewart arrived, the person was breathing okay and was checked by medics when they arrived.

Medic assist — Deputy Hupp responded a residence in Racine to assist EMS on an unknown emergency. Deputy Hupp secured the scene until medics arrived and treated the subject.

Sept. 12

Protection order violation — Sgt. Patterson took a report from a victim of domestic violence who reported the suspect had just been released on bond and had already violated the protection order by having unauthorized contact. Charges will be filed.

Sex offender — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Sept. 13

Sex offender — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Night Shift

Sept. 4

Medic assist — Deputy Stewart assisted a medic truck at a residence on Jeffers Road.

Medic assist — Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones assisted a medic truck on Riebel Road.

Sept. 6

Alarm drop — Deputy Fennell responded to a residence on Wolfe Pen Road for an alarm drop. The residence was found secured with no apparent attempt of entry.

Sept. 7

Domestic complaint — Deputy Fennell and Sgt. Jones responded to Cone Road for a possible domestic in progress. On arrival, the female caller stated it was a verbal argument over marijuana being grown at the residence. Deputies were unable to locate the male who had fled the scene prior to their arrival. Charges are pending in this case.

Sept. 8

Domestic/drug arrest — Dispatch received a call of a possible domestic that had occurred on Durst Ridge Road. Deputies Jones and Fennell arrived on scene it was confirmed that a domestic assault had allegedly occurred after speaking with the victim. The suspect, David Lawson, age 44, of Portland was taken into custody for the alleged domestic. While investigating the incident deputies reportedly noticed a substantial amount of alleged marijuana in plain view. Lawson gave consent to search the home and small amounts of other types of suspected drugs were also found. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending. David Lawson was incarcerated and held at MPD jail on a domestic charge until he appeared in court.

Sept. 9

Disturbance — Dispatch received a call of a possible domestic on State Route 833, Pomeroy. Deputy Fennell arrived and spoke with the individuals and it was determined to just be a dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend. They were advised that if they can’t get along to separate for the night. No further action was taken on this call.

Sept. 10

Disturbance — Dispatch received a call of a dispute between a girlfriend and boyfriend over property on Sumner Road. The male had left the scene before the deputies arrived, and the female refused to make a written statement about the incident. Both subjects involved in the incident were intoxicated. The female wanted the male to be advised not to return. Deputies left the scene and attempted to locate the male to advise him not to return. He was not found. About 30 minutes later, dispatch received another call to Sumner Road to the same house in reference to a fight. Deputies arrived back at the scene, this time the female was gone. She also had left her two children unattended. One deputy left the scene looking for the female and the other took the children to the Sheriff’s Office where Child Protective Services were contacted and took custody of the children. The female was located near Five Points at the home of the male from the first incident. She was arrested on a disorderly while Intoxicated charge and transported to the Middleport Jail to be incarcerated. The investigation is continuing and additional charges pending.

Possible domestic — Dispatch received a call from a female on Murry Hill Road, Middleport, advising that she was having a heated verbal argument with her husband and was worried it would turn violent. Deputies were dispatched and arrived on scene. After speaking with all involved it was determined that nothing criminal had occurred. The male agreed to leave the home for the night and was transported by a deputy to a home in Pomeroy because he stated he had been drinking and asked for a ride. No further action was taken on this call.

Staff Report