Pomeroy received property donation from Farmers Bank

POMEROY — The Pomeroy Village Council blitzed through a weighty agenda on Monday, concluding the meeting in just over 45 minutes.

An introduction of Farmers Bank President Paul Reed opened the evening, as he presented the deed and keys to a warehouse on Mechanic Street, part of the bank’s land donation for a public use area.

“The building did have value, and could have been sold, but we felt it is much more valuable to the community,” said Reed, also speaking on behalf of Farmer’s board. “We are very happy to do this.”

A ceremony will be held Wednesday to dedicate new playground equipment and formally thank the bank.

Alan Miles was introduced as Pomeroy’s new Building Inspector. The former Navy Seebee began full time this week, and Mayor Don Anderson praised Miles’s “strong background in structures, and familiarity with a lot of systems” like electrical and water.

Anderson presented good news on riverbank stabilization efforts, saying the Army Corps of Engineers had received money to write a partnership agreement.

“On a 4.9 million dollar project, $10,000 is not a huge amount, but it starts a process,” he said.

The project to protect areas of the riverbank downtown had stalled as the Army Corps of Engineers sought money to match Pomeroy’s contribution. Anderson said 2018 would be the earliest work could begin, but was optimistic about the likelihood.

Council approved $4,000 for revamping lift stations, which the Mayor said was part modernization and part repair.

“We haven’t done the best job on preventive maintenance,” saying that costs related to poor upkeep have plagued the village for some time.

“John (Musser) and I have been working on getting maintenance plans in place,” including securing a competitive contract with a local mechanic, and creating a master list of outstanding issues that can be addressed by priority level.

“But the whole premise of not taking care of our equipment has got to stop,” said the Mayor.

Sternwheel Regatta preparations were discussed briefly, with Anderson noting “a couple months ago we weren’t having one, now it is looking to be pretty extensive, which we are very pleased about. And the (boaters) seem very happy as well. They just love coming to Pomeroy.”

Building Inspector hired

By Michael Hart

Special to the Sentinel

Michael Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.