Syracuse sets Trick or Treat

Staff Report

SYRACUSE — Trick or Treat in the village of Syracuse will take place on Oct. 26 from 6-7:30 p.m. after discussion by council during last week’s meeting.

Discussion centered around keeping the event the same as other villages, while not impacting a public meeting regarding the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and Correctional Facility levy which had been scheduled for the Syracuse Community Center on Oct. 26. That meeting has now been moved to 7 p.m. on Oct. 25.

The village approved the purchase of $400 in candy, split between the fire and general funds, to be handed out during Trick or Treat.

According to council discussion, the solicitor has not responded to inquiries about the walking path issue. Councilwoman Rhonda Rathburn asked about sending a certified letter. Concerns about his lack of response and busy schedule were discussed among council members. After further discussion, it was decided that Councilman David Poole will contact the solicitor for further information.

There was extensive discussion of finances. Appropriations, tax levies, police wages, and previously discussed fire department purchases were evaluated. A motion was made to request an amended certificate from the auditor reflecting the changes approved by council. Those changes include increase the Parks and Recreation fund $13,821 (Wingett Trust disbursement), increase the Fire fund $12,302.86 (Sutton Township arrearage repayment), and increase the Police fund $5,000 (advance from the general fund). Council then passed Resolution 9-14-17-1 Amended Appropriations for 2017: Adding $13,821 to the Parks and Recreation fund, adding $10,000 to the FD machinery, equipment and fire appropriation line, and the $5,000 advance for wages from the General Fund into the Police Fund.

Fiscal Office Crystal Cottrill presented the Board of Public Affairs recommendation of hiring Ash O’Brien to paint the fire hydrants if Clayton Wood’s schedule precludes him from doing the work. Councilman Eber Pickens noted that ISO ratings color coded hydrants would make homeowners insurance cheaper. Hydrant flushing and flow testing were discussed. Fire Chief Bill Roush stated he believes that all hydrants within the Village have the same ISO rating, but will discuss flow testing with the water operator.

A resident concern regarding trees along the roadway by the post office was discussed. The situation will be checked to see if trimming would alleviate the obstructed view for motorists.

A complaint about kids wrecking a golf cart on the walking path was discussed. There was discussion of the ordinance against motorized vehicles on the walking path. Police Dhief Mony Wood said the police have been warning individuals to keep golf carts off the walking path and explained his understanding of the state law about golf carts and motorized vehicles. Most of the issues have reportedly stemmed from golf carts coming out of the campground, going to the gas station. Wood said it is safer for the golf carts to stay on the walking path in that section rather than cross the highway in the area, but he will advise the owners of the law.

Poole asked if there had ever been a village trash service, with Wood noting that the issue has been debated for 15-20 years. There was discussion of making an ordinance specifying trash collection regulations because of the concern about illegal trash collection vehicles. Poole asked how much it would cost if it was contracted out rather than creating a separate enterprise within the Village. Middleport’s trash service is tied into their bills, as is Racine’s. No determination was made as to potential trash service.

Staff Report