Health Recovery Services available to Meigs residents

By Lindsay Kriz - [email protected]

POMEROY — Health Recovery Services, Inc., in Pomeroy, held an open house event Friday in honor of National Recovery Month. The event included food, games, and speeches from former addicts who have turned their lives around.

One of the speakers, who only identified himself as Mike, said recovery provides hope.

“Learning how to live sober is a process, and it’s a journey, and finding a higher power and being able to enjoy life, with life’s turns, is a blessing,” he said. “As long as I take a day at a time and keep it simple, easy does it.”

He said helping newcomers is helpful for both them and him.

“Working with others helps me more to help them,” he said. “When we help a newcomer it helps us more because it keeps us in the steps.”

Mike said he’s been sober for 20 years.

Joe Gay, PhD., licensed independent chemical dependency counselor and executive director of Health Recovery Services, said that recovery is more than just about becoming abstinent from the substance being abused.

“Besides not using drugs and alcohol in general, a person has to change their life,” he said. “They have to live differently by not just using drugs and alcohol, but (changing their life). Some do it through churches, but many do it through 12-step programs.”

Those who come to the facility are either court-referred, hospital or doctor-referred or self-referred. Along with drug and alcohol abuse, Health Recovery Services takes in those who need anger management. Sharon Roush, office manager, said that in the cases of anger management the court system typically finds the underlying reason for the anger issue lies in the use of either drugs or alcohol.

“Usually there’s something there,” she said.

The program amount is based on a sliding scale fee, meaning it’s based on one’s income level. Medicaid cards will also help pay for the service. Gay said that the organization contracts through local mental health and recovery boards to receive funding.

New patients will typically have an initial two-three hour individual counseling session, and then more individual and group sessions at subsequent visits. Gay said that the program can also assist patients in finding housing and job opportunities.

According to their information, general services include orientation group, assessment, individual counseling, group counseling, case management, community support, referral and information, prevention, intervention and intensive outpatient programs. Available are individual, couples and family counseling. Specialized groups include orientation group, education group, relapse prevention group, all of which are as needed, SAMI, which is an ongoing weekly group that discusses Substance Abuse and Mental Illness, Anger Management, as needed, a stress management group and a women’s group.

On-site alcohol and or drug testing is also available. The facility’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with appointments available until 6 p.m. For more information call 740-992-5277.

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By Lindsay Kriz

[email protected]