Next Commissioners meeting moved to 10 a.m.

By Lindsay Kriz - [email protected]

POMEROY — The Meigs County Commissioners at their Thursday meeting announced that their Thursday, Oct. 1 meeting will be at 10 a.m. instead of 11 a.m. because of the need for a longer meeting.

The trio opened bids for Racine Street Signs. Shain Custom Designs, of Racine, bid $19,635.65 for the project, while Kimline Signs, of Albany, bid $21,600. The commissioners will pass both bids onto the grants office and will probably award the bid to a party next week, Commissioner Randy Smith said.

Commissioner Tim Ihle discussed property acquisition of some downtown lots. Currently the Internal Revenue Service is proposing a $21,000 tax lean on the properties. Ihle said the commissioners have instructed their contact at the Prosecutor’s Office to make a lower counter offer for the properties.

Chris Shank, of Job and Family Services, announced to the commissioners that Meigs County Job and Family Services recently completed two audits — the Meigs County Single Audit and the 2014 Program Monitoring Review — with nothing found.

The commissioners also approved two resolutions brought forth by Shank. The first resolution allows Job and Family Services to enter into Title IV-E foster care contract for residential services. The second resolution allows Job and Family Services to renew its Prevention, Retention and Contingency plan, which is renewed every two years. Lastly, the commissioners approved an amendment to a memorandum of understanding. This amendment, originally entered into on Sept. 1, 2015, says that the amended amount for the MOU can’t exceed $27,500 and the tool purchase amount is now $350.

Brian Howard approached the commissioners regarding funds for the Blessings in a Backpack program implemented at Meigs Primary School. The program, which provides about 8-10 items of food for students who participate so that they can take the food home for the weekend. The program costs about $2.10 per child per week for a cost of about $600 per week, Howard said.

The commissioners told Howard that any money the commissioners have for charity must be spread out, as their fund for such items was liquidated. The commissioners said they would review their funds and get back to Howard.

The commissioners made a reminder about an announcement earlier from Michelle Stumbo, Meigs County Extension Office employee, who said that a part-time or full time position needs to be filed in the future. At a previous meeting she said she will give more information when she finds out more information.

The commissioners announced that Palmer Energy representatives would be at the Oct. 8 meeting and that Brenda Phalin will be by Oct. 15 with a Character Counts proclamation.

Lastly, last week’s minutes and bills were approved. County General costs were $8,965.19, with 141 entries costing $255,112.22.

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By Lindsay Kriz

[email protected]