Being prepared ‘just in case’

MEIGS COUNTY — September is national preparedness month across the country, which will focus on preparedness with the theme of “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can,” according to Meigs County Emergency Management Agency.

Preparedness is one of the most important steps in a disaster whether it’s government agencies, individuals, families, schools or businesses everyone needs to be prepared for that “just in case” moment which can occur.

Many peoples next question is “how can we be prepared” or “what do we do in case an emergency occurs in our area.” Preparedness involves multiple areas, first of which is being informed of what disasters may occur or are going to occur in an area. This information can be learned through multiple sources including emergency notification systems, websites and social media.

In Meigs County residents can sign up for emergency notifications via the CodeRed system and can fallow the Meigs County Emergency Management Agencies Facebook page for updates on weather and disasters in our area.

The second area of preparedness is creating a plan. These plans should include such things as what to do if a disaster occurs, such as how to evacuate your home if it is on fire or where to go if a tornado or severe storm is approaching. Other areas of planning should include where to meet if an evacuation is issued, how to contact family or friends for help or a safe place to stay as well as multiple evacuation routes from your home or business location.

Another important factor in preparedness is building a supply kit. In a home, these kits should contain basic hygiene needs, batteries, flashlights and other emergency supplies as well as food and water to supply each member of a family including pets for three days. Businesses can also build kits to supply employees and customers should a disaster occur during business hours. These kits should include many of the same supplies home kits contain including flashlights, batteries, water and some food.

The final area of preparedness includes being involved in your community and volunteering. There are multiple organizations who come together and help during emergencies. By being involved you can not only help your family but community when a disaster occurs.

Preparedness is an important factor in emergency and disaster situations and we will share more information as the September goes about how to be prepared for disasters.

Information from Meigs County EMA.

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