Meigs SWCD Fair contest winners announced

ROCKSPRINGS — The Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District announced the winners of its long-running Mystery Farm and the kid’s contests for the fishing poles and tackle box held during the 2017 Meigs County Fair.

The daily winners of the Mystery Farm Contest were, as follows: Monday — Don Tillis, Tuesday — Madalyn Wood, Wednesday — Tim Dillon, Thursday — Courtney Kennedy, Friday — Bill Spaun, Saturday — No Winner.

Winners of the Mystery Farm contest receive $10 each. There were 74 entries throughout the week.

Winners of the hay show co-sponsored by the Meigs SWCD and Meigs County Fair Board were, in order by class: Class 1 (75 percent or more alfalfa) — Ed Holter (2nd); Class 2 (all grasses) — Elizabeth Harris, Blair Windon, Ed Holter; Class 3 (49 percent or less legumes) — Ed Holter, Brian Windon, Blair Windon.

This year, there were seven entries for the hay show. Winners received cash awards and ribbons from the fair board. First-place winners will receive plaques from the Meigs SWCD at the district’s annual meeting and banquet on Oct. 3 at Meigs High School.

The ACTT (Active Conservationist Teaming Together) and Ohio Valley Outdoors sponsored the fishing poles and tackle boxes for the kids contest. This contest was held for youngsters only. Everyday a new game was set up at the Conservation Corner for kids to play and enter to win. Winners were as follows: Monday, Which items cannot be recycled in Meigs County? — Jace Ervin; Tuesday, What Bug is this? — Ryan Sanders; Wednesday, How many birds do you see at the Conservation Corner? — Lydyah Barringer; Thursday, Tree Riddle — Brantley Jordan; Friday, Sink or Float — Harvest Lechler; Saturday, Are you my Momma? — Peyton Bailey. There were 301 total entries for the week.

This year the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District’s Jim Freeman made six bluebird houses to be given away. The winners were as follows: Monday — Julie Lambert; Tuesday — Deania Harris; Wednesday — Linda Darnell; Thursday — Sheyane Matthews; Friday — Jennifer Larson; Saturday — Markus Eblin. There were 350 entries for the week.

“We want to congratulate all winners and thank everyone who participated in the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District Contests at the 2017 Meigs County Fair,” said Jenny Ridenour, education coordinator for the Meigs SWCD.

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Kid’s Corner at the Meigs County Fair’s Corner at the Meigs County Fair

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