For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day Shift

July 30

Theft — Deputy Snoke is investigating the theft of some engine parts on King Ridge Road. The victim reported he had a 350 Chevy engine sitting in his yard that was taken and possibly scrapped. A suspect has been identified. Anyone with any information is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Court papers — Deputies served three court papers and attempted two others.

July 31

Medical assist — Deputy Hupp responded to a possible overdose at Hill’s Gas Station in Racine. When Hupp arrived, the subject was already in the squad being checked out. The subject denied any drug usage and was released without further incident.

Sex offenders — Deputies registered one sex offender.

Aug. 1

Theft — Sgt. Patterson is investigating the theft of a large amount of money from a residence on Bradbury Road. A woman reported several subjects were staying at her residence and when she woke up the next morning the subjects were gone along with a fire proof lock box with the money inside. Suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

Theft — Deputy Riley is investigating a theft that occurred on Painter Ridge Road. A man reported someone entered his garage over the weekend while he was gone and took several tools. Anyone with any information is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Aug. 2

Burglary — Deputy Riley in investigating a burglary at a residence on Salem Street in Rutland. The resident could identify a suspect who is being sought for questioning in this case.

Court papers — Deputies served one court papers and attempted two others.

Investigate complaint — Deputy Myers is investigating a report of identity theft. Statements were taken and the incident remains under investigation.

Investigate complaint — Deputy Riley assisted the Adult Parole Authority on a home check and discovered multiple weapons along with drugs. Charges are pending through the APA.

Assault — Deputy Snoke responded to a residence on E. Letart Road in reference to an assault that had taken place. The victim has refused to cooperate and no charges have been filed.

Aug. 3

Investigate complaint — Deputy Snoke is currently investigating a report of credit card fraud. The victim states that multiple credit cards and a bank account has been opened in his name without his permission. Investigation is continuing.

Medic assist — Deputies assisted EMS with numerous calls throughout the week.

Aug. 5

Fight — Deputies were dispatched to a home near Portland on a report of a fight. Upon arrival, it was determined that the dispute was verbal and no violence or threats had been made. Both parties agreed to separate for the day.

Deputies responded to multiple alarm drop calls and transported prisoners to and from court throughout the week. Deputies also served approximately 25 papers for various court proceedings.

Aug. 6

Theft — Deputy Hupp took a report about a stock trailer being taken from a property on Salem School Lot Road. The trailer was there on Aug. 5, 2017 and was noticed missing on Aug. 6, 2017. The trailer has been entered into the National Crime Information Center. Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Theft — Deputy Hupp responded to a call from TNT Pit Stop about two subjects acting strange inside the store. Deputy Hupp made contact with the subjects and identified them as Chad Griffin, 35, Albany, and Charles Clark II, 36, Middleport. After reviewing the surveillance cameras Hupp determined the subjects had allegedly stolen several items from the store. Charges have been filed.

Aug. 7

Breaking and entering — Sgt. Patterson took a report from a woman in Albany about a rental property she owns on Salem School Lot Road that had been broken into and damaged. The property had been entered by breaking out a window on the back of the residence. There was also damage to the vinyl flooring and a wall inside the residence. The residence was vacant at the time. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Theft — Deputy Riley is investigating a report from a man about an iPad and laptop being stolen. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Sex offender — Deputies registered one sex offender.

Aug. 8

Sex offender — Sgt. Patterson is investigating a sex offender who failed to register a change of address. Sgt. Patterson received information alleging that Mark Gibbs had got a job, moved to Florida, and failed to file a change of address with Meigs County. Gibbs also had not registered in the county he was living in in Florida. Charges will be presented to the next grand jury.

Well-being check — Deputy Snoke responded to a residence to check on a female who had recently had surgery and her family has been unable to reach her. Deputy Snoke went to the residence and was not able to contact anyone at the residence. Deputy Snoke made entry into the residence and the female in question was okay. Her family was notified. No further action taken.

Aug. 9

Investigate complaint — Deputy Patterson answered a call at a residence on Silver Ridge Road. Multiple items were reported missing and the incident remains under investigation.

Aug. 10

Domestic dispute — Deputy Riley was dispatched to a home near Pomeroy on a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, it was discovered that a verbal argument had taken place and the parties agreed to separate for the day.

Investigate complaint — Deputies responded to a report of an unruly juvenile. A report was taken and the juvenile was advised that this type of conduct was unacceptable and further reports would result in charges being filed.

Trespass — Deputy Riley responded to a trespassing call at a residence in Rutland. The male was advised that he wasn’t wanted on the property and if he returned he would be arrested.

Aug. 11

Neighbor complaint — Deputies responded to a home in reference to some neighbors arguing about the theft of some property. All parties came to a mutual agreement and the issue has been resolved.

Aug. 12

Juvenile complaint — Sgt. Griffin went and spoke with a juvenile about some issues that she was having with her sister and referred a complaint to Meigs County Juvenile Court.

Night Shift

Aug. 7

Vehicle pursuit — Deputies Hupp, Stacy, Sgt. Jones and Sgt. Mohler responded to Arbaugh Addition Road in reference to a male allegedly threatening to shoot everyone at the residence. While in route to the scene the caller called back and stated that the male had left in a Yellow Mustang. Deputy Hupp passed the vehicle on State Route 7. As Deputy Hupp turned on the vehicle it fled and attempted to turn onto Locus Grove Road where the driver failed to make the turn and wrecked the vehicle into an embankment. The driver than fled into the woods. After Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones arrived on the scene a search of the area was made and the driver wasn’t located. The incident is still under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office as well as Ohio State Patrol.

Assist Athens County — Sgt. Jones assisted the Athens County Sheriff’s Office who was in pursuit of a gray Dodge Dakota on Church Road (Near Brister Road and State Route 7). Officers advised that the vehicle just crashed and believe it may involve the subjects that our office was looking for from the earlier pursuit. Upon Sgt. Jones arrival, it was determined that it wasn’t the same suspect from the earlier pursuit. The driver had allegedly stolen the truck from a residence in Marietta.

Suspicious vehicle — Deputy Stacy responded to White’s Hill Rd. for an unknown vehicle in the caller’s driveway. On his arrival, Deputy Stacy found a note in the window of the vehicle stating the driver had ran out of gas and would be back to retrieve the vehicle. The home owner was advised of the note.

Aug. 8

Wanted person — Sgt. Jones responded to Fourth Street, Racine, for a possible domestic in progress. On arrival, he determined there wasn’t a domestic and that it was verbal in nature. Keith Nakao, age 27, of Racine was arrested on an outstanding warrant issued out of Middleport Mayors Court.

Aug. 9

Suspicious vehicle — Deputy Snoke responded to State Route 684, across from Wisteria, for a male passed out in a Honda Accord. Matthew McDonald, age 23, of Rutland, was passed out in the vehicle, allegedly with paraphernalia in plain sight and admitted to having narcotics in his possession. McDonald was placed under arrest and transported to the Meigs County Sheriff’s office.

Assist Racine Police Department — Sgt. Jones and Deputy Smith assisted Racine Marshal Bell on a domestic dispute at Third Street, Racine.

Aug. 10

Stolen gas — Deputy Fennell responded to Gaston Road for gas stolen out of vehicles. Information for a report was taken at the scene from multiple victims.

Suspicious vehicles — Deputy King responded to Letart Cemetery for a report of three unknown vehicles parked in the cemetery. Deputy King patrolled the area and was unable to locate the vehicles.

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