Sternwheel back on with new date, organizers

POMEROY — Several weeks after word came that the Pomeroy Sternwheel Festival would not be happening this year due to a lack of volunteers for the multi-day event, the festival is back on.

While the event is back on, the date has changed, as has the group running the festival.

The Pomeroy Eagles recently voted to host this years Sternwheel Regatta and to move this year’s date. The Pomeroy Fire Department has planned to help support the Regatta as well.

This years Pomeroy Sternwheel Regatta will take place Sept. 22 and 23, stated John Lehew in an email to the Sentinel.

“Since the other Sternwheel committee cancelled this year’s event we lost our original date to Parkersburg, West Virginia,” stated Lehew of the reason for the change.

“This is a long standing event and The Pomeroy Eagles wanted to make sure The Sternwheel Regatta was held this year,” said Lehew.

The next meeting of the New Pomeroy Regatta Committee will be held on Sunday, Aug. 27 at 4 p.m. in the social room of the Pomeroy Eagles Club. Anyone interested is welcome to attend the meeting.

For more information visit our Facebook page at Pomeroy Sternwheel Regatta and join the group.

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