Commissioners discuss road issues

POMEROY — Meigs County Commissioners met Thursday and addressed a variety of county business beginning with the request for a street by Orange Township residents Steve Lucas and Ray Reames.

The two men who live in Weathermans Second Addition, located in Tuppers Plains, stated they have been maintaining the 40 foot easement that is the only access to several homes at their own expense, and were asking for assistance from either the township or the county.

“The ideal situation would be for our trustees to take over the road, but they are reluctant to do so,” Reames said.

He attributed their reluctance to existing utility poles that make it difficult to deliver road materials and to sewer covers. The covers present two problems: they are above the road surface and would need to be sunk, and if the road is paved, it would have to be dug up to access the sewer lines each time a new connection was necessary.

Gene Triplett presented the history of the dilemma, “The subdivision was created in the 60’s and a county owned dedicated right of way for public use was put in place. Since that time additional houses have been built and utilities have installed poles and sewer lines. We have similar situations throughout the county.”

Triplett and the commissioners agreed that a plan was needed, but said there would need to be further discussion with all interested parties before a decision could be made as to how to approach the problem.

Meigs County Department of Jobs And Family Services Director Chris Shank presented a resolution regarding the Child Support Enforcement Program. The Department administers the program and wished to make changes to the Division’s organizational structure.

Shank said they are working to promote more efficient and effective operations, and would like to add two additional Child Support Managers, recommending Kevin Dugan and Jordan Snoke to fill the roles.

The resolution was approved by the commissioners, and Shank added “The increased caseload requires us to prioritize and make the best use of our time we possibly can. The addition of two Child Support Case Managers and the changes to the organizational structure will help us meet that goal.”

A bid opening for a paving project for St. Clair Road was presented by Triplett. The project will be paid for by a grant secured with the assistance of Economic Development Director Perry Varnadoe.

A written request by Scipio Township Trustees to close a vacant alley “which runs South of Pageville Road (T-142) in Scipio Township” was acknowledged by the commissioners, who agreed the closure should move forward.

Albany Independent Fair and Agricultural Society funding approved previously will be released to the event scheduled for September.

Commissioner Mike Bartrum clarified the reason Meigs County funds go to the event, saying “Some of our county’s kids go to school in the Alexander School District and they participate in the Albany Fair, so we support them as we do students from Meigs schools (who participate in the Meigs Fair).”

The commissioners approved last week’s minutes and a motion to pay bills totaling $14,348.97 in the general fund and $596,173.01 in total. A transfer of $889.50 from County General (A217A02) to CDBG (B028B04) was also approved.

Pomeroy Police Department newest officer Patrolman Leggett was welcomed by the commissioners and the meeting was adjourned.

By Lorna Hart

Special to the Sentinel

Lorna Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.