Council approves revised employee vacation policy

Middleport Council held a wide ranging session in their Aug 14 meeting.

Police Department officials Chief Bruce Swift and Assistant Chief Monty Wood updated council on the new “E-Ticket” system and options to restructure vacation plans for full time village employees.

Swift said ‘E-Ticket’ allows officers to enter citations electronically from inside the cruisers, providing advantages like increased legibility and the ability to forward directly to Mayor’s Court.

“It will streamline a lot of things for the officers, and the court…And handwriting can be a real issue” on the cramped pen and pad system, said Swift.

Swift also said the Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force which Middleport participates in had received funding for another two years.

Wood presented council with proposals to add scaling to vacation time awarded to full time village employees.

The current system gives two weeks vacation time for employees in years one to fifteen, and three weeks for 16 years plus, with no allowed carryover.

“There are 18 people this affects, from water department to police department,” said Wood. “I know raises are always an issue, so this is a way to reward people that are here for a long time, dedicated people.”

Following a lengthy discussion, council approved a modification that creates tiers for one to seven years (two weeks), eight to fifteen years (three weeks), and 16-25 years (four weeks), while tabling changes to carryover.

Wood also gained approval to hire Meigs Family Healthcare as Middleport Jail’s “health authority” as required by state rules.

At the request of Village Administrator Joe Woodall, the currently blinkered stoplight on Race Street and North Second Avenue will be converted back into a fully operational traffic light. Woodall said the change would improve traffic flow in the newly busy section of town, and Council President Emerson Heighton asked it be synchronized with the light on Maple Street

Solicitor Rick Hedges updated council on fire protection negotiations with Salisbury Township, saying another meeting, this time with Pomeroy officials present, was in the works.

Hedges said at issue was how to distribute funds given Middleport and Pomeroy share protection duties for Salisbury Township, “so we are going to have another meeting and get this thing resolved.”

Building Inspector Mike Hendrickson told council 13 vehicles were sold and expected to clear $4,500 in profit from a recent auction.

“The remaining cars are in litigation with drug cases,” he said, but were expected to be cleared later this year.

Mayor Sandy Iannarelli commented positively on the recent open house held by Home National Bank in their new location in Middleport.

“They’ve done a lot of work on the location, everyone is excited to have a bank in Middleport again,” she said, speaking after the meeting.

Council also made preparations to shift village assets to the new business.

“If we’ve got a local bank, we need to support them,” said Councilperson Doug Dixon.

Bills were paid in the amount of $5,793.88.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Middleport Village Council is Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Middleport Municipal Building.

Police Chief explains E-ticket program

By Michael Hart

Special to the Sentinel

Michael Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.