Taking action to help the town

POMEROY — A group of Pomeroy residents are combining their efforts on Pomeroy’s appearance.

The Community Action Group (CAG) pools volunteers interested in beatification and upkeep projects in town.

The group assembled for the first time in late August to sweep, weed eat, pick up garbage, and clean downtown Pomeroy.

“We all brought tools and attacked areas needing attention,” said CAG member Paige Cleek.

Reporting to Pomeroy Village Council during the council’s most recent meeting, Cleek said feedback was positive from members and outlined possible future plans.

“From our meeting place we just fanned out and picked things to work on. Everyone made an impact wherever they went,” said Cleek.

“It was noticeable,” she continued, “we are going to pick and focus on something next time, get everyone working on one thing together, but the first meeting went great.”

CAG representatives present in the meeting joked they were open to a name change if ‘Community Action’ sounded too aggressive or the acronym CAG seemed uninviting.

“No, I think ‘action’ is good,” emphasized Mayor Don Anderson, “action is what we are after.”

Lacking any formal structure, members determined to let community interest determine priorities — from attacking an overgrown pocket park to tidying a street-side flower bed.

Anderson expressed desire CAG will be a vehicle for residents to address issues in which they are particularly invested.

CAG members said they hoped a visible presence would help encourage an overall positive and conscientious attitude to downtown’s appearance.

The group will meet every second and fourth Mondays in O’Brien Park on Court Street.

Doubling down on CAG’s zeal, local youth from The LOFT will mirror events on first and third Mondays, ensuring downtown receives continuous succor.

“All hands are welcome,” said Cleek.

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By Michael Hart

Special to the Sentinel

Michael Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.