Building inspector resigns

What happens following resignations?

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — A fourth person with the Village of Pomeroy has resigned, following the resignation of three others during Monday’s Council meeting.

Clayton Taylor, who had served as building inspector/code enforcement for the village, submitted his written resignation on Tuesday, effective July 21.

Taylor’s resignation came the day after the resignations of Village Administrator Joe Woodall, Mayor Bryan Shank and Councilwoman Ruth Spaun.

With the resignation of Shank, Council President Don Anderson becomes the acting mayor, temporarily leaving two vacancies on the council.

Information provided by the Meigs County Board of Elections outlines the procedures for filling the mayor seat on a long-term basis, as well as filling the vacancies on council.

According to the information, the president pro tempore (Anderson) becomes the mayor until a successor is “elected and qualified.”

In odd-numbered years (such as 2017), if the vacancy occurs in the position of village mayor more than 40 days before the next general election (which is the case), a successor shall be chosen at the next election to file the unexpired term.

As for the council seats, Anderson’s seat may remain vacant while he is in the position of mayor.

Ohio Revised Code states that at the time of becoming mayor, the president would decide whether or not the person desires to complete their council term after being acting mayor or it the person does not want to complete the term.

Should the president wish to complete the term on council, the seat will remain vacant until a new mayor is in place. At that time the council president would return to the council seat.

If the president does not wish to complete the council term, then the position may be filled.

As for Spaun’s seat on council, council has 30 days to fill the vacancy before the mayor may fill the seat by appointment. Spaun’s seat is not one of the four which was scheduled to expire at the end of 2017.

Pomeroy council positions up for election in November are those currently held by Phil Ohlinger, Vic Young, Nicholas Michael and Anderson. Anderson and Michael were both appointed in August 2015 to fill unexpired terms.

No steps can be taken by the Board of Elections until official notifications have been received by the office. These notification had not been received as of Thursday afternoon.

The code enforcement/building inspector and village administrator positions are both hired positions.

Sentinel freelance writer Michael Hart contributed to this report.

What happens following resignations?

By Sarah Hawley