4-H state qualifiers announced

Staff Report

POMEROY — Numerous 4-H participants in Meigs County have earned the opportunity to represent the county at the upcoming Ohio State Fair.

State Fair Quailifiers

Safe Use of Guns — Delegate: Tyler Davis; Alternate: Lucas Finlaw.

Basic Archery — Delegate: Wyatt Smith; Alternate: Sydneyahna Card.

Intermediate Tractor (age 12-13) — Delegate: Trenton Morrissey.

Junior Tractor (age 8-11) — Delegate: Tyler Miller.

Welding — Delegate: Rachel Kesterson; Alternate: Austin Rose.

Reptiles and Amphibians (age 8-18) — Delegate: Courtney Lyons.

You and Your Dog Interviews (age 8-10) — Delegate: Raeann Schagel.

Making the Cut, junior unit 2 — Delegate: Jacob Spencer.

Nailing it Together, senior unit 3 — Delegate: Jordan Lyons.

Measuring Up, junior unit 1 — Delegate: Lydyah Barringer; Alternate: Hannah Jackson.

Nailing it Together: junior unit 3 — Delegate: Matthew Jackson.

Finishing Up, unit 4 — Delegate: Rachel Jackson.

Measuring Up, unit 1 — Delegate: Samuel Arnold.

Making the Cut, unit 2 — Delegate: Trenton Morrissey.

Grow Your Own Vegetables — Delegate: Hannah Bottomley; Alternate: Skylar VanMeter.

How Dose Your Garden Grow — Delegate: Hannah Evans; Alternate: Leah Spencer.

Fishing for the Beginner — Delegate: Hunter Clary; Alternate: Jacob Martin.

Beekeeping, Junior — Delegate: Hunter Smith; Alternate: Woodrow Will.

Fishing for the Intermediate — Delegate: Kastle Hall; Alternate: Jordan Lyons.

Explore the Outdoors — Delegate: Katie Brooker.

Canning and Freezing — Delegate: Madison Chapman.

Teaming with Insects, Level 1 — Delegate: Trenton Morrissey.

Ohio Birds — Delegate: Woodrow Will.

Exploring Ponds — Delegate: Zachery King.

Mastering Photography, Level 3 — Delegate: Caitlin Carr.

Controlling the Image, Level 2 — Delegate: Cooper Schagel.

Focus on Photography, Level 1 — Delegate: Jacob Spencer.

Rope, Junior — Delegate: Kristen McKay; Alternate: Matthew Jackson.

Warm it Up — Delegate: Michael Kesterson.

Magic of Electricity — Delegate: Rylan Sanders; Alternate: William Krawsczyn.

Rockets Away — Delegate: Ayden Barringer.

On the Cutting Edge — Delegate: Elizabeth Teaford.

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry — Delegate: Jessica Cook; Alternate: Hunter Clary.

From Airedales to Zebras — Delegate: Kristen McKay; Alternate: Caelin Seth.

All Systems Go! — Delegate: Melinda Lawson; Alternate: Kylie Gheen.

Science Fun with Physics — Delegate: Miranda Greenlee.

Self Determined Project, Senior — Delegate: Jasina Will; Alternate: Daniel Card.

Self Determined Project, Junior — Delegate: Kyra Zuspan; Alternate: Lauryn Woodall.

Junior — Delegate: Cooper Schagel.

Outerwear for Anywhere — Delegate: Caitlin Carr.

Snack Attack, Junior — Delegate: Adryauna Parker.

Let’s Start Cooking, Junior — Delegate: Elizabeth Spires; Alternate: Hannah Jackson.

Growing on My Own — Delegate: Brayden Pooler.

Family History Treasure Hunt (1st year only) — Delegate: Caitlin Carr; Alternate: Caroline Roush.

Scrapbooking, Senior (second year or more) — Delegate: Kastle Hall; Alternate: Caitlin Carr.

Get Started in Art, Junior — Delegate: Gabrielle Oldaker; Alternate: Rachel Jackson.

Scrapbooking, Senior — Delegate: Gabrielle Beeler.

Shopping Savvy, Senior — Delegate: Gabrielle Beeler; Alternate: Missouri Brown.

Creative Costumes — Delegate: Kelsey Kimes.

Sundresses and Jumpers — Delegate: Maylee Barringer; Alternate: Melinda Lawson.

Yeast Breads on the Rise — Delegae: Katlyn Barber.

The Global Gourmet — Delegate: Marissa Brooker; Alternate: Addie McDaniel.

Cake Decorating, beginner — Delegate: Rachel Jackson; Alternate: Arielle Beeler.

Sports Nutrition 2: Get Set, junior — Delegate: Addisyn Ramsburg.

Racine the Clock to Awesome Meals, Junior — Delegate: Sidney Dillon.

Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals, Senior — Delegate: Meghan Short.

Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Senior — Delegate: Elisabeth Oldaker; Alternate: Dannett Davis.

Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Junior — Delegate: Maylee Barringer; Alternate: Alivia Heldreth.

First Aid in Action, Junior — Delegate: Kyra Zuspan.

Keeping Fit, Senior — Delegate: Madison Lisle.

You Can Quilt, Senior — Delegate: Rachel Jackson.

Junior Individuals (age 8-10) — Madison Dailey.

Intermediate Individual (age 11-13) — Kyra Zuspan.

Senior Individual (Age 14 and up) — Gabrielle Beeler.

Information provided by OSU Extension Meigs County.

Staff Report