For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Staff Report

Day Shift

July 9

Theft — Sgt. Patterson took a report of a stolen vehicle from a residence on Painter Ridge. The resident reported his 1991 Ford Truck stolen sometime overnight. The vehicle was later recovered on Kennedy Road after a passerby reported a burnt vehicle along the side of the road. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Court papers — Deputies served two court papers.

Sex offenders — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

Arrest — Deputies arrested Jeffrey Cole Brown, age 30, of Racine on a warrant from Warren County. Brown was incarcerated in Middleport Jail until Warren County picked him up.

July 10

Domestic — Sgt. Patterson and Sgt. Griffin responded to a residence in Minersville on a possible Domestic Violence situation. After units talked with everyone at the scene they determined there had not been any physical violence, just arguing over property rights. No further action taken.

Theft — Sgt. Griffin took a report from an individual who reported his 2006 Harley Davidson stolen. The incident remains under investigation.

July 11

Arrest — Deputies arrested Michael McDonald, age 29, of Pomeroy, on a probation violation charge. McDonald was incarcerated in Meigs County Jail pending his court appearance.

Sex offenders — Deputies registered two sex offenders.

July 12

Court papers — Deputies served two court papers and attempted two others.

Sex offenders — Deputies registered one sex offender.

Night Shift

July 3

Theft — A resident of Valley Bell Road in Portland reported a theft of a firearm. After an investigation by Sgt. Jones, Nathan Grimm, age 31, from Pomeroy, was arrested by Deputy Perry with the assistance of Racine Marshal Bell on Tuesday, July 4. Grimm was held in the Meigs County Jail pending a court hearing.

July 4

Unresponsive male — Sgt. Jones and Deputy Perry responded to the intersection of Pine Grove and State Route 124 with EMS for unresponsive male. Sgt Jones administered two doses Narcan and the male was transported by EMS.

July 5

Alarm — Deputy King responded to Fur Peace Ranch on St Clair Road in reference to a glass breakage alarm in the area of the office and utility area. Deputy King checked the area and all buildings were found secure.

July 7

Stranded motorist — Dispatch received a call about a car stuck in high water on Mudfork Road with the driver still inside the car. Deputies responded to the scene along with fire and rescue and the State Highway Patrol. The driver was helped from the water, the vehicle towed from the scene, and the driver was cited by OSP.

Investigate incident — Dispatch received a third party call from a female stating that her father’s door had been kicked in on Morning Star Road. Deputies arrived and checked the area, no evidence of an attempted break-in was found. Homeowner and deputies believe it was likely caused by the high winds from the storm that passed through the area that night. No further action was taken on this call.

July 8

Theft — Dispatch received a call from a resident of 5th Street in Syracuse, who advised that she and her husband were out walking and he noticed something in the yard which turned out to be her purse and it had been dumped all over the place. Deputy Fennell arrived to take a report. The caller stated that her purse had been left in her car in the yard and the car was unintentionally left unlocked. Sgt. Mohler also arrived at the scene and when the victim started naming off several miscellaneous items that were taken from the vehicle, Sgt. Mohler revealed that all the items were in a car that he had stopped and conducted a consent search on moments earlier on Morning Star Road for suspicious actions. All three of the suspects information from that car was given to Deputy Fennell. Those suspects have been located and charges are pending. The sheriff’s office later received two more reports of unlocked cars being entered in Syracuse that night. The same three subjects are likely suspects in those incidents as well and the investigation is ongoing.

July 9

Medic assist — 911 call dispatched and advised that medics were in route to Kingsbury Road in reference to a male laying in the roadway, caller did not know if he was breathing. Deputies arrived along with the squad and found that the man was now responsive. He had fallen out of a moving vehicle. He was checked by the squad but refused transport to the ER. He left the scene with his mother. No further action was taken by deputies on this call.

Investigate complaint — Dispatch received a call that there was someone messing around the Family Dollar construction site in Rutland, they could see flashlights. A deputy was dispatched and arrived on scene and found two subjects inside. They were identified and found to be workers working late. No further action was taken on this call.

Staff Report