Grange celebrates 150th anniversary

RACINE — Plans were made to construct a parade float for the Racine 4th of July parade. After not participating for a long time, members decided to honor the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Grange with the float. Keith Ashley was to be the designer and main builder of the float with other members assisting in the final touches.

A discussion on the President’s plan to terminate NAFTA was discussed. Members felt that treaty was never fair to the United States and led to the loss of many manufacturing jobs to Mexico where there were no EPA regulation and minimum wage requirements.

The legislative agent found information that revealed that Palestine, a country that no one recognizes as legal, is being given U.S. foreign aid. Then part of that aid is used to provide pensions to widows and orphans of suicide bombers. The members passed a resolution asking that all foreign aid cease to countries providing such pensions.

Due to the increase in deaths from drugs, Ohio’s county coroner’s budgets are stretched to the limit to determine the cause of deaths for this problem. The coroner’s association is advocating yet another increase in the exorbitant cost of death records to provide funds for this. Members felt that nothing would be achieved by making such determinations of death and that an increase in the cost of death certificates was a punishment on those who had nothing in the problem. A resolution was passed opposing any increase in the huge costs of death certificates and rather see a fee or fine assessed on those who are being treated for overdoses or die from them. This would be a fair way.

A degree day will be held at Silverton Grange. Keith Ashley will be pianist. Those wishing to see the degrees were invited to attend.

Other legislative discussions involved the problem with ECOT overcharging the state. A review of the Ohio Constitution is occurring. But the most concern was over the new Ohio budget. Currently, 52 percent of all the budget is going to Medicaid due to our governor’s actions. Other important program are being injured by the funding of the program. Taxpayers cannot afford to keep giving away to these programs no matter how good or how needed they are. Also, the definitions of those who qualify have been greatly liberalized causing more and more to apply for Medicaid.

Emma Ashley, lecturer, presented an educational program on the First Ladies of the United States. Futher work on a possible fundraiser for New Year’s was discussed.

Article submitted by Keith Ashley.