4-H judging begins

MEIGS COUNTY — As they gear up for fair season, 4-Hers are taking part in judging this week for their respective projects.

On Wednesday, miscellaneous judging was held for for participants in projects ranging from dog obedience to first aid, photography and insects.

Miscellaneous Judging Results

Horseless Horse: Skylar VanMeter, grand champion;

Dog Obedience: Raeann Schagel, grand champion;

Dog Showmanship: Matthew Roberts, grand champion;

You and Your Dog: Raeann Schagel, grand champion;

Pet Rabbit: Cassidy Roderus, honorable mention;

From Airdales to Zebras: Kristin McKay, grand champion; Caelin Smith, reserve champion;

All Systems Go: Melinda Lawson, grand champion; Kylie Gheen, reserve champion;

On the Cutting Edge: Elizabeth Teaford, grand champion;

Keeping Fit: Madison Lisle, grand champion;

First Aid in Action: Kyra Zuspan, grand champion;

Self Determined: Daniel Card, grand champion; Brayden Sanders, reserve champion;

Self Determined – Clowning: Kyra Zuspan, grand champion;

Mini Garden: Caitlin Carr, grand champion; Lauryn Woodall, reserve champion; Skylar VanMeter, honorable mention;

Self Determined – Reptiles and Amphibians: Courtney Lyons, grand champion;

Pigeons: Jasina Will, grand champion;

Am I Ready for Work: Cooper Schagel, grand champion;

Laundry Project: Lauryn Woodall, grand champion;

Growing on Your Own: Bradyn Pooler, grand champion;

Family History: Caitlin Carr, grand champion; Caroline Roush, reserve champion;

Becoming Money Wise: Katelynn Chevalier, grand champion; Kylie Gheen, reserve champion;

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry: Jessica Cook, grand champion;

Science Fun with Physics: Miranda Greenlee, grand champion;

Scrapbooking: Kastle Hall, grand champion; Gabrielle Beeler, reserve champion; Caitlin Carr, honorable mention; Madisen Dailey, honorable mention;

Rockets Away: Ayden Barringer, grand champion;

Bicycling for Fun: Madisen Dailey, grand champion; Andrea Mahr, reserve champion;

Magic of Electricity: Rylan Sanders, grand champion; William Krawsczyn, reserve champion;

Not Just Knots: Kristin McKay, grand champion; Matthew Jackson, reserve champion;

Warm It Up: Michael Kesterson, grand champion;

Starting Up: Tyler Miller, grand champion;

Tractor Operations: Trenton Morrissey, grand champion;

ATV Safety: Bradyn Spencer, grand champion;

Measuring Up: Lydyah Barringer, grand champion; Samuel Arnold, reserve champion; Hannah Jackson, honorable mention;

Making the Cut: Trenton Morrissey, grand champion; Jacob Spencer, reserve champion;

Nailing it Together: Matthew Jackson, grand champion; Jordan Lyons, reserve champion;

Finishing Up: Rachel Jackson, grand champion;

Arcs and Sparks: Rachael Kesterson, grand champion; Austin Rose, reserve champion;

Focus on Photography: Jacob Spencer, grand champion;

Controlling the Image: Cooper Schagel, grand champion;

Mastering Photography: Caitlin Carr, grand champion;

The Writer in You: Raven Reedy, grand champion; Valerie Hamm, reserve champion; Miranda Greenlee, honorable mention;

Get Started in Art: Gabrielle Oldaker, grand champion; Rachel Jackson, reserve champion; Madison Champan, honorable mention; Sidney Dillon, honorable mention;

Set the Stage: Arielle Beeler, grand champion;

Exploring the Outdoors: Katie Brooker, grand champion;

Exploring Ponds: Zachary King, grand champion;

Ohio Birds: Woodrow Will, grand champion;

Fishing for the Beginner: Hunter Clary, grand champion; Jacob Martin, reserve champion; Tyler Davis, honorable mention;

Fishing for the Intermediate: Kastle Hall, grand champion; Jordan Lyons, honorable mention;

Safe Use of Guns: Tyler Davis, grand champion; Lucas Finlaw, reserve champion;

Basic Archery: Wyatt Smith, grand champion; Sydneyahna Card, reserve champion; Samual Cremeans, honorable mention;

Bee Keeping: Hunter Smith, grand champion; Woodrow Will, reserve champion;

Teaming with Insects: Trenton Morrissey, grand champion;

Canning and Freezing: Madison Chapman, grand champion;

How Does Your Garden Grow: Hannah Evans, grand champion; Leah Spencer, reserve champion; Braydyn Pooler, honorable mention;

Growing Your Own Vegetables: Hanna Bottomley, grand champion; Skylar VanMeter, reserve champion; Caden Goff, honorable mention.

Miscellaneous project judging took place on Wednesday for 4-H participants as they prepare for the Meigs County Fair.
http://mydailysentinel.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2017/07/web1_7.13-4h-1.jpgMiscellaneous project judging took place on Wednesday for 4-H participants as they prepare for the Meigs County Fair. Sarah Hawley/Sentinel

Miscellaneous project judging took place on Wednesday for 4-H participants as they prepare for the Meigs County Fair.
http://mydailysentinel.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2017/07/web1_7.13-4h-2.jpgMiscellaneous project judging took place on Wednesday for 4-H participants as they prepare for the Meigs County Fair. Sarah Hawley/Sentinel


By Sarah Hawley