Southern community center renamed for Hart

By Sarah Hawley -

RACINE — The Southern Local Community Center (and fitness center) has been renamed in honor of the late Kathryn Hart.

The board adopted a resolution concerning the community fitness center name during its recent meeting.

The Southern Local Community Center is now known as the Kathryn Hart Community Center.

The unanimously approved resolution, stated that Hart was a lifelong resident of Racine Southern Community and was an active volunteer in the community, including creating the Party in the Park family event 11 years ago. Hart was also a member of the American Legion, volunteering numerous hours.

Hart was the president and founder of the Racine Area Community Organization (RACO) which each year presents thousands of dollars in scholarships to Southern seniors.

Additionally, Hart was part of the Sonshine Circle, an organization which does numerous things to benefit the school and community and was a member of the library board.

In employment matters, the board accepted the resignation of Erin Lisle as middle school science teacher due to other employment.

The resignation of Lisa Schenkelberg, intervention specialist, was accepted due to other employment.

Supplemental contracts were approved as follows: Alan Crisp, work study coordinator; Kim Hupp, varsity volleyball coach; Beth Bay, girls summer activities coordinator; Carl Wolfe, athletic director; Kathy Miller, transportation director; Jeff Caldwell, boys summer activities coordinator, Title IX, golf and varsity boys basketball coach; David Kight, varsity girls basketball coach; Mike Chancey, varsity football head coach; Derek Miller, assistant varsity football coach; Eddie Fife, volunteer football coach; Mike Kloes, volunteer football coach; Eric Hupp, volunteer football coach; Tyson Lee, volunteer football coach; Jason Circle, volunteer football coach; and Courtney Manuel, cross country coach.

Ten extended days were approved for the principals to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Beth Bay was approved for nine days of summer school instruction, four hours per day, at a rate of $23 per day. Summer school is for at risk readers entering third grade.

A fourth of a dock day was approved for Doug Devore.

The board approved recipients of scholarships presented by the Racine-Southern Scholarship Association as follows:

  • Helen Coast Hayes Scholarship ($500) — Daniel Dunfee
  • George M. Sayre Scholarship ($500) — Trey Pickens
  • Edith Jividen Scholarship ($500) — Sierra Cleland and Katelyn Barton
  • Wayne O. Roush Scholarship ($500) — Sara Schenkelberg
  • Alumni Scholarship ($500) — Marissa Johnson and Talon Drummer
  • Hilton Wolfe Jr. Scholarship ($500) — Crenson Rogers
  • Reconnecting Youth ($250) — Abbi Carsey, Jordan Fisher and Larissa Petrie
  • Dave Diles Scholarship ($500) — Talon Drummer
  • AMP Ohio ($500) — Kamryn Smith
  • Chase Roush ($1,000) — Clayton Wood, Marlee Maynard, Talon Drummer and Tanner Thorla
  • Maude Sellers Scholarship ($500) — Marissa Johnson
  • Shelly R. Thorla Scholarship ($500) — Marlee Maynard

The scholarship association has awarded 210 scholarships for $100,650 to Southern graduates.

The purchase of 13 cafeteria tables were approved at a cost of $14,157.02, which includes delivery.

A payment in the amount of $969 was approved to Dodson Pest Control for annual pest control services.

A payment in the amount of $420 was approved to Systems28 for annual fire alarm monitoring at the Southern Local Fitness Center.

A servicce agreement with Quality Sales and Service in the amount of $1,370 was approved for printer, fax and shred services for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

Final permanent appropriations for the 2017 fiscal year were approved in the amount of $11,488,593.50.

Temporary appropriation for the 2018 fiscal year were approved in the amount of $11,076,841.16.

Liberty Mutual Insurance was approved for property, liability and fleet insurance for the 2017-18 school year at a premium of $38,651. Reed and Baur Insurance is the local agent. Student voluntary insurance was also approved with Reed and Baur. Life insurance rates were approved as presented.

A transfer of $75,501.55 was approved from the general fund into the food service line item.

The supplemental pay schedule was approved as presented. The purchase of three work shirts and one polo shirt were approved for custodial staff.

Policy additions and revisions were approved as presented.

Donations for the K-8 Playground Project were approved as follows: Emma Leachman, $11; Ohio Valley Bank, $5,000; Wal-Mart, $500; Darrel Norris and Son Greenhouses LLC, $150; Peoples Bank, $2,000; Southern Elementary PTO, $5,479.69.

A work site agreement for the Summer Youth Opportunities Program was approved with the Meigs County Department of Job and Family Services for the work experience term of June 6 to Aug. 25.

The fiscal year 2017 Youth Led Prevention Grant was accepted in the amount of $750.

A contract with SchoolPointe, Inc. was approved for the period of July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, for webhosting for the district’s website. The contract is in the amount of $4,820.

The board approved authorizing the treasurer to enter into a scheduled maintenance contract for maintenance and controls with Limbach for the period of July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, in the amounts of $20,988 and $6,780.

Continued membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association was approved for the 2017-18 school year.

The board approved continued membership in the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CORAS) for the 2017-18 school year at a cost of $325.

Open enrollment students were approved as presented.

Lunch prices were set at $2.70 for the high school, which reflects a $.10 increase in accordance with SB 210. Adult lunch prices will remain at $3.25.

The next meeting in set for 6:30 p.m. on July 24 at the Kathryn Hart Community Center.

By Sarah Hawley