Meigs Local Board hires Brent Bissell for 2016 varsity Baseball

By Lindsay Kriz - [email protected]

POMEROY — Meigs Local Board at their most recent meeting made many hires for the current school year. Among them, the board decided to hire Brent Bissell for the 2016 varsity Baseball year. Other hires included Melinda (Mindy) Butcher as a substitute secretary, Roger Mowery as a substitute custodian and Kathy Dyer as a personal assistant at Carleton School.

Other hires included Nathan Jeffers as an intervention specialist at Meigs Intermediate School, Connie Halley, Debra McCall, Amanda Reed and Ashley Hagar as intervention tutors at Meigs Primary and Kathie Hoffman and Barbara Musser as tutors at the primary school as well. Rorie Bradshaw, Connor Massillo, Carolyn Snowden, Robert Fish, James Morahan, Ladona Stephens, Ken Green, Edward Safranek and Larry Wilcoxen were hired as substitute teachers for the school year as well.

Board members agreed to pay Beckie Blake, Amy Jackson, and Marsha Russell for their services during the Ohio River Medical Mission at the high school in June. Janette Starling was hired to complete a health index survey for the final report of the PEP grant. Members also adopted a resolution authorizing the lease-purchase financing school facilities. An agreement with the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department for the school year at a cost of $25,000. The amount will be paid from the school counseling grant and general fund. An agreement with the auditor of the state for the 2015 fiscal year financial audit. The estimated fees are $24,600.

Decisions were also made regarding Meigs Middle School. Mr. Sharp’s overnight field trip to Washington, D.C. May 17-20 of next year has been approved, and the board adopted a resolution to not provide career tech to seventh and eighth graders.

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By Lindsay Kriz

[email protected]