Prosecutor’s office releases warrant list for old criminal cases

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POMEROY — In an effort to resolve older pending criminal cases in the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas, Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley has released a list of individuals for whom arrest warrants have been issued.

“If your name appears on this warrant list and if you wish to timely resolve this matter and be brought before a judge for a bond hearing and have a pre-trial conference scheduled, you may turn yourself into the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office. Otherwise, law enforcement will now be actively pursuing all individuals with arrest warrants. If you believe your name is erroneously listed, you may contact the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office,” the release from Stanley stated.

If anyone has information about any of these individuals, you are encouraged to contact the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office.

Tabitha Ackerman, Todd Ackerman, Tasha Adams, Eugene Adkins, Courtney Akers, Patricia Allbaugh, Gerald Armstrong, Doris Arnold, Robert Arnott, Jason Austin, Jacob Baldwin, Jessie Barnett, Angela Barnhart, Harley Barton, Daniel Belcher, Dusti Belcher, Sebastian Biernat, Joseph Billingsly, Donald Bing, James Blackwell, Robert Board, Lance Boso, John Brawley, James Britton, Troy Brooks, Crystal Brown, Nancy Brown, Chad Browning, Devon Bryant, Jeremy Buck, Angel Burns, Joseph Bush, Sarah Bush,

Michael Cain, Franklin Camelin II, Jessi Camp, Shawn Carmichael, Adam Carter, Joshua Caruthers, Carl Casto, Jr., Brandon Chandler, Steven Chapell, Angie Clark, Curtis Cochran, Charles Conkle, Christopher Conley, Addie Cooper, Heather Cooper, Todd Cooper, Jeremy Council, Earl Craddock, Nicky Craycraft, Laura Curtis, Stephanie Dequasie, Jessica Diebold, Anthony Doerfer, Steven Downey, Andrew Farley, Avery Farley, Donald Fife, Andres Figueroa, Calvin Freeman, Joshua Freeman, Michael Freeman, Jr., Richard Fuller III, Brandon Fyffe,

Tiffany Gallagher, Robert Garnes, Raven Gerber, Russell Gibson, Jr., Diamond Glenn, Ricky Good, Austin Goodwin, Richard Grady, Donald Graham, Derek Griffin, Jr., Rodney Grueser, Joseph Hajj, Robert Haley, Clayton Hammond, Reanne Handschumacher, Andrew Haning, Donald Hanning, Harry Harden, Jeremiah Harkins, James Harris, Kendra Hartley, Jessica Herdman, Raynee Herman, Matthew Hickel, Matthew Hildebrand, Kimberly Holliday, Trina Hoover, Lloyd Hudnall, Aaron Hysell, Jason Hysell, Michael Imboden, Russell Inherst, Richard Jackson, Joseph Jeffers, Jennifer Johnson, Billy Jones,

Issac Kennedy, Ronald Keyes, Jr., Katherine Kim, Cynthia King, Franklin King, Michael Kirby, Lisa Klein, Kelli Lacy, Christopher Lane, Erica Lavender, Matthew Lehew, Michael Letson, Sr., Robert Lovell, Glenn Mahorney, Harry Manring, Jason Marcum, Michael Marshall, William Martin, Leland McBride, David McCarter, Charlene McClintic, Tammy McGrath, Angela McKenzie, Andrew McKnight, Jeremy Mclain, Bryon McMullen, Duane Miller, Paul Miller, Tony Miller, Thomas Minshall, Jerry Moore, Thomas Morris, Jr., Michael Morrison, Nathan Myers, David Nance, David Nance, Jr., Robert Nance, Jr., Rocky Nave, Sharon O’Bryan, Ernest Oldaker III, Jimmie Older,

Jennifer Palmer, Jesse Partlow, Kevin Payne, Billy Pearce, Erica Peck, Joshua Peck, Lewis Perez, Jason Pierce, Jacob Pillow, Daniel Platt, Quentin Price, William Racer, Christopher Rainey, Shane Randolph, Shawn Ratcliff, Rachel Reeves, Cornelius Rendell, Wallace Reuter, Christopher Robinette, Andrew Robinson, Darnell Robinson, Darrell Robinson, Nathan Rollyson, Hank Rood, Adam Ross, Hamilton Roush, Timothy Roush, Teresa Russell, Sarah Sands, Ivey Sankey, Cheyenne Seyler, Scott Shankland, James Sheets, Caleb Shuler, Mary Sidney, Steven Simpkins, Christopher Simpson, Alisha Small, Emily Smith, Jerri Smith, Phillip Smith, Dana Snider, Colton Sparks, John Spriggs, Douglas Starcher, Jr., Tony Starcher, Gregory Stewart, Leah Stover, Bradley Swisher,

Ashley Tanner, Kelli Tatterson, Douglas Tennant, Anthony Thomas, Tessa Thomas, Dale Thurston, Jr., Fode Toure, Franklin Tucker III, Joseph Vance, Jeremy Vanmeter, Joseph Vining, Chris Ward, James Watts, Larry West, Etta Wheaton, Summer Wickersham, Christin Will, Shannon Williams, Paul Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Ricky Wilson, Jr., Amanda Wittig, James Wolford, Travis Woltz, Tangie Wood, Robert Writesel, James Young, Lacy Young, Larry Young, and Joshua Youngblood.

As of Thursday morning the court had received numerous calls related to the warrant list released.

Information provided by Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley.

Staff Report