Meigs Board approves personnel matters

Staff Report

ROCKSPRINGS — The Meigs Local Board of Education approved numerous personnel matters during it second May meeting.

Kimberly Wolfe was hired as the librarian at Meigs Primary School on a one-year contract.

Alyssa Cremeans was hired as an intervention specialist at Meigs Middle School on a one-year contract.

Tanisha McKinney was hired on a one-year contract as an intervention specialist at Meigs Intermediate School.

Kimberly Barrett was hired on a one-year contract as the librarian at Meigs Middle School.

Erin Lisle was hired on a one-year contract as a comprehensive sciences teacher at Meigs High School.

Ed Fry was hired as the boys varsity basketball coach, while Jarrod Kasun was hired as the girls varsity basketball coach. Cassady Wilford was hired as the varsity wrestling church.

Matt Simpson was awarded a supplemental contract as district web master. Michael Barnett was awarded a supplemental contract as the district test coordinator.

Supplemental position for the 2017-18 school year were approved as follows: BettyAnn Wolfe, high school yearbook; Lena Yoacham, middle school yearbook; BettyAnn Wolfe, high school newspaper; Lisa Frehlich and Emily Schmaltz, co-middle school newspaper; Amy Perrin, drama coach; Josh Eddy, freshman class advisor; Janel Kennedy, sophomore class advisor; Judy McCarthy, senior class advisor; Abby Harris, high school student council advisor; Jackie Ortman, national honor society advisor; Janel Kennedy and Katie Corbitt, co-quiz team advisor; Scott Brinker, middle school and high school web designer; Sarah Lee, TAG coordinator; Jennifer Henson, lead mentor; Toney Dingess, band director; Nicholas Michael, assistant band director; Dan Thomas, archery coordinator.

Tonia Radcliffe was hired on a one-year contract as a four-hour cook at Meigs Middle School.

Extended service days were approved as follows: five days for librarians Denise Arnold, BettyAnn Wolfe, Carol Mahr and Marge Barr; 10 days for Mary Arnold, district technology teacher; forty days for guidance counselors Abby Harris, Denise Arnold and Stacie Roach; 20 days for Jennifer Dunn, MHS Vo-Ag Instructor.

Donna Wolf and Carrie Chancey were hired as summer school instructors at Meigs High School.

A purchased service agreement to provide extended school year services to special education students were approved with Pam White and Donna Wolf, not to exceed 40 hours.

Maternity leave was approved for Lindsay Smith as requested.

The board approved entering into a Purchased Service Agreement with Sammy Ash for summer 2017 technology support.

Revised permanent appropriations were approved in the amount of $29,909,252, as presented by Treasurer Roy Johnson.

A participation agreement was approved with Jefferson County Educational Service Center for virtual learning academy services.

The revised polices were approved as recommended by NEOLA. The updated policies will appear online in six to eight weeks.

The cafeteria report was approved as presented.

Staff Report