For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day shift

May 1

Traffic detail — Deputies initiated a traffic stop on US Route 33 after learning the vehicle owner did not have a valid driver’s license. It was later determined that the vehicle passenger needed medical attention, at which time deputies called for EMS to transport.

May 2

Investigate complaint — Deputy Myers received a complaint about a K9 that may have been shot. This incident remains under investigation.

Investigate complaint — Deputies responded to the corner of New Lima and Smith Road after EMS advised of a possible criminal complaint that had taken place on a Meigs Local School Bus. SRO Deputy Patterson is handling the investigation.

Theft — Deputy Perry is investigating the theft of a wallet from a vehicle that was located on Ball Run Road. Charges are pending through Meigs County Court.

Night shift

May 5

Disturbance — Dispatch received a call of a disturbance on Starcher Road. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with a female that had allegedly been assaulted by her adult son. The female had an injury to her right eye and was also under the influence of an unknown substance. A squad was called for her and she was transported to the Meigs ER. The deputies went to her home in an attempt to locate the suspect. The suspect had left the residence before they arrived. They patrolled the area and were unable to locate him. The next night both the victim and suspect came to the sheriff office and denied any assault had occurred. The female victim refused to cooperate with the officers so no further action will be taken on this incident.

Child custody dispute — Dispatch received a call of a dispute in Browns Trailer Court in Minersville. Deputies arrived and made contact with the subjects involved. It was a grandmother attempting to make her granddaughter leave with her. It was determined that the granddaughter had been removed from the custody of her mother and grandmother several years ago. Her guardian had allowed her to come to Meigs County and stay with her aunt for the weekend. The grandmother had come to the trailer court and was attempting to convince her to leave with her. Deputies contacted the guardian and it was decided to remove the girl to the sheriff’s office until she was picked up by her uncle who was not involved in the incident and returned to her home in Perry County.

May 6

Prowler — Dispatch received a call from a female on Salem School Lot advising that she was watching TV and saw a man looking in her window. She attempted to go after him and he ran off. She called her husband who had just left for work. He returned home and they tracked the suspect down parked in the driveway of a neighbor’s house. They held him there until deputies arrived. The suspect was cited for disorderly intoxication and locked up for the night.