Commissioners hold second CHIP hearing

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POMEROY —The Meigs County Commissioners held the second public hearing on the Community Housing Improvement Project (CHIP) grant for the 2017 application.

The CHIP grant is a combined application between Gallia and Meigs Counties for a total application amount of $900,000, with $450,000 for each county. The commissioners apply for the grant, and if awarded, the Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency oversees the execution and distribution of grant projects in both counties for the rehabilitation of residential structures.

Called the CDBG Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program grant application, the application is in partnership between the two countiesrequesting grant funding in the form of $900,000.

According to an article in the Gallipolis Daily Tribune, Gallia County Grants Administrator Karen Sprague explained that roughly $450,000 should be evenly distributed between the counties. Roughly $270,000 would be distributed for 27 homes with 14 in Gallia and 13 in Meigs. Around $358,900 is anticipated to be earmarked for eight homes with four in Gallia and four in Meigs. Home ownership finances would potentially have $138,000 dedicated for three homes, two in Gallia and one in Meigs. In a partnership with Habitat for Humanity $44,000 would be aimed at assisting with the creation of two homes in Meigs County.

Around $89,000 is to be used for administrative costs. Leveraged funds account for around $164,000 for fair housing projects Habitat for Humanity projects and for administration and program oversight.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune reporter Dean Wright contributed to this report.

Staff Report