For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day shift

April 9

Investigate complaint — Sgt. Griffin responded to a neighbor dispute at a residence located on Hoschar Road. The incident remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Traffic detail — Deputy Hupp conducted a traffic stop on Noble Summit and cited the driver for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Domestic complaint — Deputy Perry responded to a domestic complaint at a residence on Mile Hill Road. No arrests were made and the incident remains under investigation.

April 10

Investigate complaint — An individual came to the Sheriff’s Office to report that he had an equipment trailer stolen from his residence on State Route 124 in Pomeroy. He stated that it is a Gator made trailer and black in color. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office.

Noise complaint — A resident of Cross Street, Racine, called complaining about loud music from a nearby trailer. Deputy’s responded to the area and found the noise to be coming from her neighbor’s television and could only be heard due to the windows of the residence being open. Deputy’s attempted to make contact with the resident of the trailer (but no one responded). No further action was taken.

Speed/Reckless operation of motor vehicle: Sgt. Jones cited Kennith Kowalski 47, Charlotte, North Carolina, for speeding and reckless operation of a motor vehicle after he radared for going 98 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

April 11

Alarm drop — Deputies responded to multiple alarm drops over the past week.

April 12

Assault — Deputy Hupp is investigating a fight that took place between two students at Eastern High School. Charges have been filed in Meigs County Juvenile Court.

Investigate complaint — Deputies responded to a residence in Syracuse in reference to trespassers. Deputies were able contact with a male and female who had permission from the property owner to hunt mushrooms.

April 13

Dispute — Deputies King and Snoke responded to a residence in Letart in reference to man with a gun complaint. The individual stated he was at the Gravel Pits in Letart on the Cemetery side of the “Wheel Wash” when an unknown male in a Silver SUV started arguing with the reporting individual and then pulled out a hand gun, loaded it and pointed it at his head. The individual stated that he fled the area as soon as the male pointed the gun at him. Deputies King and Snoke patrolled the area and were unable to locate the vehicle. A report was taken and the investigation is still ongoing.

Night Shift

April 14

Prowler — Dispatch received a call from a resident of Bradbury Road, Middleport advising that they may have a subject hiding in a broken-down vehicle on their property. They were aware that the driver from a crash on State Route 7 near their home had fled the scene on foot and had not been located. The resident advised that their dogs were barking and they thought they saw a light for just a moment. Deputies were dispatched to the scene and checked the vehicle and surrounding area. No one was found, no further action was taken on this call.

Well-being check — The Marietta Police Department called our office advising of a 13-year-old female, that normally stays in Marietta with an Aunt but goes to the grandparents’ house on the weekend in the Tuppers Plains area, has been on snapchat with a friend from Columbus and advised she was going to kill herself. She even sent a picture of a handful of pills to the friend. The friend’s mom called Marietta PD and they checked the residence in their city and were advised she was with the grandparents in our county. An internet search was conducted by the dispatcher to find the location on the home in Meigs County and an officer was sent to the address. Contact was made and the grandparents were advised of the situation. The officer was advised that this is an ongoing situation with the child and she had appointments in the morning. It was determined that the pills were never taken, the grandparents advised that they would keep an eye on the child for the night and take her to her doctor appointment in the morning. No further action was taken by the officer on this call.

Disturbance — EMS received a call from a 10-year-old boy advising that daddy hit mommy’s car. EMS traced the call to an address on Bigley Ridge and an officer were sent to the scene. Deputies made contact with the adults at the scene. It was determined that the striking of the car was an accident and no damage was done and no one was hurt. No further action was taken by officers on this call.

April 15

Disturbance — Dispatch received a call from a distraught intoxicated woman that had left the Mizway Bar to go parking with and intoxicated male and now the car is broken down and they didn’t know where they were. They were located on Howell Hill Road and by the time the deputies found them, they had started arguing with each other and need to be separated. They were placed in separate patrol cars and after a short investigation, it was determined that no criminal offense had occurred between them and they were transported to separate residences and released.

Domestic — Dispatch received a call from a resident of Belpre, Ohio, advising that she is in route to Tuppers Plains to pick up her daughter. The daughter had called her mother stating that she had been involved in a domestic with her live-in-boyfriend. Deputies arrived on scene in Tuppers Plains of the alleged domestic. After speaking with all involved they were unable to determine the course of events that lead to the assault and who the primary aggressor was. The subjects were separated for the night and the case is being forwarded to the Prosecutor’s office for review and recommendation of charges.

April 16

Domestic — Dispatch received a call from a woman female advising that her husband isn’t hitting her right now but advised that when they got home 30 minutes ago, that he hit her and shoved her into a wall. Deputies responded to the residence on Third Street in Syracuse to investigate the alleged domestic. When the deputies arrived, they separated both subjects and spoke with them. The husband advised that nothing had happened other than an argument. The wife was intoxicated and would not tell the deputies that anything criminal had happened. Both parties said they would be fine for the night. Sgt. Griffin advised that he would check back later in the day to see if the female wanted to file a report when sober. Investigation pending.

Prowler — Dispatch received a call from a resident of State Route 681 advising that someone knocked on the door and when he went to the door they left. He thought they are still outside. Deputy Chris Jones was dispatched and checked the area around the home. Nothing was found. No further action was taken on this call.

Burglary — Dispatch received a call from a resident of State Route 681, Coolville. The individual advised that she came home and discovered her home had been broken into and she did not know if the subjects were still inside. Deputy Chris Jones arrived and cleared the home to make sure no one was inside then went through the home with the owner and took a report of the missing items. The investigation is pending.