For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day shift

March 26

Investigate complaint — Deputies assisted Racine Police Department and EMS on a possible overdose at a residence on Cross Street in Racine. The scene was cleared and the patient was transported to the Meigs ER.

Crash — Deputy Snoke assisted the Ohio Highway Patrol with an injury crash that took place on Portland Road. The driver was charged with a loaded firearm in a vehicle and OVI.

Investigate complaint — Deputy Snoke investigated a report of a male who may have cut off his ankle monitor that had been issued through Meigs County Common Pleas Court. The male subject was not at the residence and had in fact cut his ankle bracelet off. The male subject was located the following day and placed under arrest.

March 27

Investigate complaint — Deputy Perry responded to a call of a male trespassing at a residence on on New Lima Road. Upon arrival, Deputy Perry located a male who stated that he had permission to be on the property from the property owner, who is currently out of town. This incident remains under investigation.

Domestic complaint — Deputies responded to a verbal altercation that had taken place on Burlingham Road. Statements were taken and an investigation in ongoing.

Theft — Deputy Patterson responded to the Dollar General in Racine for a theft report. Deputy Patterson determined that someone had stolen some parts from the ice machine located outside the store. This incident remains under investigation.

Investigate complaint — Deputies served a probate order on a male subject living on Happy Hollow Rd. The male was transported to the Meigs ER to be evaluated.

Domestic complaint — Sgt Griffin responded to a domestic violence call on Apple Grove Dorcas Road. An investigation determined an assault took place and charges were filed through Meigs County Court.

March 29

Transports — Deputy Stacy picked up a prisoner in Butler County and brought him to Meigs County for court.

Court — Deputies took four prisoners to court then transported to outside jails.

March 30

Identity theft — Sgt. Patterson took a report from and individual about an account being set up in her name with Time Warner Cable. The incident remains under investigation.

Alarm — Sgt. Patterson checked a residence on Red Hill Road that had an alarm activation. The residence was secure. It is unknown what activated the alarm.

Alarm — Deputy King responded to an alarm at a residence in Syracuse. Upon her arrival, she found a door to the residence open. Deputies cleared the residence and remained on scene until a key holder arrived and checked the residence. Everything appeared to be okay, and the residence was secured.

Court — Deputies took three prisoners to court then returned them to the jails where they were being held.

Court papers — Sgt. Patterson served six court papers.

March 31

Recovered Stolen Property — Deputy Myers took a report about a tractor that may be stolen from Gallia County. Deputy Myers, along with Gallia County Units, went to the residence on Mudfork Road and located the tractor. The tractor was the one reported stolen in Gallia County and was recovered.

Domestic violence — Deputy King was dispatched to residence in Salem Center on a possible domestic violence situation. Deputy King made contact with the male at the residence who reported that he and his girlfriend had been arguing, but she had already left the residence. The male reported that it was just a verbal argument, nothing physical had taken place.

April 1

Domestic violence — Sgt. Patterson and Deputy Perry responded to Mizway Bar on a reported domestic assault. When units arrived, they spoke with an individual who reported being struck several times by his estranged wife, Anna Welsh, 56. He also reported that Anna had scratched his Harley Davidson Motorcycle that was parked outside the bar. Charges were filed against Anna for domestic violence.

Suicide attempt — Deputy Perry had to go to Washington County Jail and transport a prisoner to the local emergency room. After being medically cleared the prisoner was then transported to Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare for treatment.

Night shift

March 27

Found property — Deputy Stacy responded to Howell Hill Road, Pomeroy, where a safe had been found off the roadway. The items were identified and returned to the owner. The owner did not wish to file any charges.

Neighbor dispute — Deputy Perry responded to Burlingham Road, Shade for a neighbor dispute. A report and statements were taken at the scene. The incident is still under investigation.

Theft — Deputy Patterson responded to the Racine Dollar General for a reported theft of a fan motor off of an ice cooler and about $15 worth of copper. The incident is still under investigation.

Bear siting — A resident of Darwin Road had reported a bear siting. Advised her neighbor, saw a bear going up into the woods and one of her geese was eaten by the bear. ODNR Officer Gilkey was notified.

March 29

Suspicious persons — Deputy King responded to Hysell Run Road. Caller advised that they heard people yelling up near a barn across from the Hysell Run Church. The home owner returned to the residence and advised that the vehicle at the residence belonged to his son-in-law. The buildings were searched and report taken.

Prowlers — Deputy Stacy responded to Loop Road for reported prowlers. The area was searched and a report taken from the home owners.