Pomeroy approves change to water, sewer fee

By Michael Hart - Special to the Sentinel

POMEROY — Pomeroy Village Council took action on Monday night to change the destination of a fee which has been collected on water and sewer bills for the past few years.

Council passed Ordinance 774-17 which changed the destination of a fee collected on water and sewer services bill.

The previous ordinance was not explicit whether the collected money should go towards debt payments or capital improvements, a situation Fiscal Officer Sue Baker said was not allowed under the Ohio Revised Code.

The fee, which nets $38,000 yearly, per Baker, will be redirected from the Village’s sewer debt payments ($8,000 year), into water debt instead ($130,000 year).

Council chose to waive the standard three readings and implement the measure immediately, which requires a unanimous vote, rather than wait “at least another six weeks before the payments are put to better use,” explained Councilperson Maureen Hennessy.

Councilperson Ruth Spaun, wary of abusing special/emergency powers, discussed the wording at length to ensure it could not negatively impact customers, ultimately agreeing with other council members it was an acceptable action in the interest of “good bookkeeping.”

In the context of the vote, Hennessy also emphasized the water bills needed to be mailed promptly, or it places an unfair burden on customers and risks legal issues for the village.

In other business, Mayor Bryan Shank gave an update on Lincoln Terrace repairs, saying there would be a gap between a grant awarded and the project bid amounts, and asked if the council wished to “obligate ourselves to $2,268.64 to make up the difference?”

The tight budgetary situation was brought up, but given $300 a month is spent on temporary barriers, and a desire to keep the related gas company and Army Core of Engineers projects on schedule, council voted to pay the balance.

Tim Bearhs was awarded the contract for cemetery grass mowing with a bid of $1,225 per mowing, $25 less than the next lowest bid, for an estimated 13 mowings.

Bills were paid in the amount of $16,874.63.

By Michael Hart

Special to the Sentinel

Michael Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.

Michael Hart is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel.