For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

MEIGS COUNTY — The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office responded to numerous calls throughout the county from March 13-21, including a reported methamphetamine lab.

Sheriff Keith O. Wood reports that on March 21 deputies responded to a possible meth lab, after receiving a tip, located on Long Hollow Road in Pomeroy. Upon investigation, various lab materials were discovered along the road and in a nearby creek bed. Meth Techs, assisted by the Pomeroy Fire Department, neutralized two-one pot reactionary vessels, four-HCL generators and various dangerous chemicals used in clandestine labs.

Day shift

March 13

Investigate complaint — Deputy Riley responded to Meigs High School in reference to a report of vandalism. Upon arrival, Deputy Riley discovered damage to a structure at the softball field. This incident remains under investigation.

Dog bite — Deputies responded to a residence on State Route 143 for a report of a neighbor being bitten by a dog. A report was taken and charges are pending.

Investigate complaint — Deputy Perry took a call in reference to a child custody issue. Both parties were referred to juvenile court, and emergency custody was ordered in the matter.

Juvenile complaint — Deputy Hupp is investigating a breaking and entering that took place at Eastern High School March 10. All parties involved have been identified and are awaiting a court appearance in Meigs Juvenile Court.

Well-being check — Sgt. Griffin conducted a well-being check on an elderly female at a residence on Bradbury Road. Contact was made and it was determined that the female was okay.

March 14

Theft — Deputies responded to the Go Mart in Tuppers Plains for a report of shoplifting. This matter remains under investigation.

March 15

Investigate complaint — Deputy Riley transported a 17-year-old male to the Meigs ER for a medical emergency. The male’s father arrived a short time later and took custody of the male.

Sex offender — Sgt. Patterson and Deputy Perry registered four sex offenders.

Juvenile — School Resource Officer Deputy Riley spoke with a juvenile who had been having suicidal thoughts. Deputy Riley stayed with the juvenile until a parent arrived and took the juvenile to speak with a counselor.

Theft — Deputy Riley is investigating the reported theft of an iPhone from a sixth grade student at Southern Elementary School. The investigation is on-going and anyone with information is asked to call the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Trespassing — Sgt Patterson took a report from an individual about someone trespassing on her property on New Lima Road. The male subject is believed to be looking for deer antler sheds. Anyone looking for sheds should make sure you have permission to be on the property prior to going onto the property. The investigation continues and charges may be filed.

March 16

Court papers — Deputy Snoke served five court papers.

Unruly juvenile — Dispatch received a call about a 17 year old juvenile refusing to get off the school bus at the Elementary School. Deputy Patterson went to the scene, removed the juvenile from the bus and transported the juvenile to a residence in Middleport.

Threats — Deputy Snoke took a report from an individual who reported being threatened by another male over a transaction involving a vehicle. The investigation is on-going and charges may be filed.

Court — Deputy Myers took two prisoners to court and transported back to outside jails after court.

March 17

Accident — Deputy Snoke investigated a two-vehicle accident on private property in Racine. No injuries reported.

Custody dispute — Deputy King and Deputy Jones responded to a residence in Rutland over a dispute about custodial issues involving children. Deputies explained that it was a civil issue and would have to be handled through children services and the court system.

Sex offender — Sgt Patterson registered one sex offender.

Medical — Sgt Patterson transported one prisoner to doctor appointment.

Criminal damage — Deputy Myers took a report from a resident in Syracuse, who reported that someone had put sugar in the gas tank of her car. The investigation continues.

Transports — Deputies transported three prisoners to the Southeast Regional Jail and one prisoner to Middleport Jail for incarceration.

Court papers — Deputy Snoke served two court papers.

March 18

Unruly juvenile — Deputy Perry investigated a reported incident of a juvenile burning things inside a residence. Deputy Perry made contact the juvenile and parents. No charges filed.

Theft — Sgt. Patterson is investigating the reported theft of a firearm and medicine from a residence on Eagle Ridge Road. A suspect has been identified and charges are pending.

Sex offenders — Sgt. Patterson and Deputy Perry registered four sex offenders.

Night shift

March 13

Suspicious persons — Sgt. Jones responded to a residence on Mile Hill Road where a resident advised that the Kirby salesmen had just been at her residence and a female and another male wearing a flannel shirt attempted to push through her door to get into the residence. Report was taken and Sgt. Jones patrolled the area and was unable to locate the suspects.

March 14

Alarm call — Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones responded to two separate alarms the Sutton Township garage. Build was checked and found secured.

Alarm call — Deputy Stacy responded to Hills Citgo for alarm. Building was found to be secured

March 15

Domestic dispute — Deputies King, Snoke and Stacy responded to Silver Ridge, Long Bottom, for a possible domestic in progress. On their arrival, they spoke with a woman who advised that she and her son were arguing and then her son got into physical altercation with her husband. He then left the residence in their vehicle. Dave Medley, age 34, Long Bottom was later arrested and charged with domestic violence and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Alarm call — Deputies Snoke and Smith responded to Little Forest Road for an alarm in the family room showing glass breakage. Deputies checked the residence and found it to be secured.