For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office reports from March 6-13

Day Shift

March 6

Investigate complaint — Deputies responded to report of a break in at a residence in Racine. No items were found to be missing. Incident remains under investigation.

Theft — Deputy Perry received a report in reference to some prescription medication that had been stolen from a residence in Long Bottom. Deputy Perry is still investigating the matter.

Threats and harassment — Deputy Myers received a report in reference to telephone harassment. An investigation is being conducted and charges are pending.

March 7

Medic assist — Deputies responded to a call in Tuppers Plains of a male who may have been possibly hit by a vehicle. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the male did not get hit by a vehicle, and refused any treatment by EMS.

March 8

Investigate complaint — A male subject came to the Sheriff’s Office to report someone had used his identity to obtain two credit cards. This matter remains under investigation.

Transportation — Deputies completed multiple prisoner transports totaling over 600 miles.

March 9

Domestic dispute — Deputies King, Jones and Snoke responded to Yellowbush Road in Racine in reference to a possible domestic dispute in progress. Brandi N. Lane, age 32, of Racine was arrested for disorderly conduct by intoxication and placed in the Middleport Jail.

March 10

Domestic violence — Deputy Snoke took a report from a man who reported problems with his wife. Deputy Snoke went to the residence on Happy Hollow Road and spoke with all parties involved. Deputy Snoke determined it was a verbal argument and no charges were filed.

Probation — Deputy Myers and Adult Parole Authority Officer Congrove checked on a subject on probation and located several road signs at the residence on Bailey Run Road. Representatives from the Meigs County Highway Garage were sent to the scene to recover the road signs. Charges are pending.

Juvenile — Deputy Snoke checked on a juvenile at a residence on Rice Run Road at the request of Children Services. Deputy Snoke contacted the juvenile and parent and everything was okay.

March 11

Domestic violence — Deputy Patterson was sent to a residence on Bailey Run Road because a non-custodial mother was outside the residence of her daughter causing problems. When Deputy Patterson arrived, he spoke with each party and determined that no violence had taken place and the mother was allowed to leave. No charges filed.

EMS assist — EMS requested a unit to secure the scene at a residence on State Route 681. Deputy Patterson went to the scene until the squad could transport the patient to the ER.

Theft — Deputy Jones took a report from an individual on Barringer Ridge Road, about the theft of some tools and other items from his porch. The individual reported that another man was at his residence to work on a vehicle when he noticed some tools and a wall mount heater missing from his porch. The reporting individual looked in the other man’s vehicle and located the missing items. He requested the Sheriff’s Office to come to the residence and handle the situation. Deputy Jones is handling the investigation and charges are pending.

Civil matter — Deputy Jones was sent to a residence in Rutland on a possible domestic situation. Deputy Jones spoke with the parties involved and determined that it was a civil issue between siblings who were arguing over a vehicle that one owned, but the other had paid for some repairs. The problem was settled and no charges filed.

Night Shift

March 10

Underage party — Dispatch received a call of a possible underage drinking party on North Main Street in Rutland. Deputies arrived and patrolled the area and the party was found. Several subjects under the age of 21 were found to be drinking, and one juvenile, age 17. All subjects that did not live there were taken to the sheriff’s office to be issued citations. The juvenile was transported to his home in Gallia County and released to his mother. Charges are pending on the juvenile.

March 11

Prank call — Dispatch received a call from Athens Police Department advising that they had received a call from an unknown caller stating the he had three hostages at an address on Burlingham Road and was demanding $15,000. Deputies had already taken a complaint earlier in the night from the resident that lived at the address given by the unknown caller concerning a child custody matter. Deputies believed that the new call was just an attempt to cause trouble. Deputies responded to the address and made contact and everything was found to be in order. A case has been started on the prank call and remains under investigation.

March 13

Animals at large — Dispatch received a call about several horses loose on Bashan Road near Bashan. Deputy Stacy arrived in the area and helped the reporting individual corral the horses temporarily until the owner could arrive from the Five Points area to put them back into their permanent pen.

Suspicious vehicle — Dispatch received a call about a Jeep parked on Townsend Road near State Route 681 with a subject just sitting inside. Deputy Chris Jones arrived in the area and located the Jeep. He made contact with a subject sleeping inside. The subject advised that he lives in Athens County, had an argument with his wife and left the home for the night. Deputy Jones checked the subject for warrants and had dispatch check with Athens to insure he was not wanted there. Everything checked out okay, the subject was advised that he could not just stop and sleep at the end of someone’s driveway and advised to move on.