County approves engineering contract for Rutland sewer system

By Sarah Hawley - [email protected]

POMEROY — The Meigs County Commissioners approved an engineering contract for what will be the new sewer system for residents in Rutland during Thursday’s meeting.

The Commissioners approved the contract with TRIAD Engineering to complete the engineering work for the “step system” which will ultimately replace the grinder pump system which is in place now.

The Commissioners, along with many other individuals and agencies, have secured over $3 million in loans, grants and other funding programs through the Corp of Engineers, USDA, ARC and OWDA to implement the new system.

President of the Commissioners Mike Bartrum explained that there has been work taking place behind the scenes to determine the best path forward for the system which the county took over in 2012 from the Village of Rutland.

Bartrum stated that the hope is that this will move the system forward in a positive direction.

As previously reported, the system was hundreds of thousands in debt, with numerous problems remaining regarding failing equipment.

The system which is planned is already in place in several locations, including villages which are similar to Rutland. The already existing sewer plant will be upgraded and will continue to be used with the planned system.

While there will be bumps in the road as the county works to implement the new system, the goal is that it will be better in the end.

Bartrum said there would likely be some inconvenience associated with the work, with roads and sidewalks being disrupted, but that things would be back to normal when the work is complete.

The current plan is to have the project bid out this summer after the engineering work is complete, with the hope of moving forward on the project in the fall.

While the funding for the new system is in place, the county continues to work toward paying the debt on the current system. Commissioner Tim Ihle explained that the debt has increased since the county took it over, with around $300,000 having been advanced in to cover cost associated with the system. Once the new system is put in place, the goal is for the payments made by customers will be able to pay down the debt.

By Sarah Hawley

[email protected]