For the Record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Night Shift

Feb. 20

Suspicious vehicle — A resident of Peach Fork Road called and advised that for the last two years on mostly Wednesday and Thursday nights, he has had someone sitting at the end of his driveway revving their engine. Deputies will be doing extra patrol in the area.

Suspicious vehicle — A resident of Rocksprings Road reported a vehicle had stopped in their driveway, but when her husband went outside, the vehicle was started and began racing up and down the road. Sgt. Jones patrolled the area and was unable to locate the vehicle.

Prowlers — A resident of State Route 684 called and advised she believed someone was trying to break into her house. Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones checked the area nothing was found.

Feb. 21

ATV accident — Deputy Snoke, Perry and Sgt. Jones responded to a car and ATV wreck at 66244 State Route 124 (Second Street and 124 above Reeds Store). Both drivers left the scene of the accident. Courtney Dailey was later arrested by Belpre Police Department and admitted to her alleged involvement in the accident. Travis Barber is wanted for questioning for his alleged part of the accident.

Prowlers — A resident of Rocksprings Road, Pomeroy stated she heard someone knocking on her back door and then someone running around her deck. Sgt. Jones responded to the residence. Nothing was found.

Prowlers — A resident of Bradbury Road, called the sheriff’s office stating she and a girlfriend had been up watching movies and eating pizza all night and started to hear noises outside the residence and believed someone was trying to get in their camper. Sgt. Jones and Deputy Stacy responded and did not find anyone around the area.

Prowlers — A resident of Morning Star Road, Racine reported she thought someone was trying to break into her garage. Sgt. Jones and Deputy Stacy responded and found no signs of entry.

Feb. 22

Impaired driver — Sgt. Jones arrested Bernard Strauss, age 59, from Amesville, Ohio, for physical control of motor vehicle while under the influence and left of center after he reportedly almost struck Sgt. Jones’s patrol vehicle at the intersection of Tornado Road and Fifth Street in Racine. Strauss was incarcerated overnight and release with a court date.

Feb. 27

Verbal altercation — Deputies responded to Eagle Ridge Road for a possible argument between a husband and wife. No charges filed.

Pedestrian in roadway — Deputy Stacy and Sgt. Jones with assistance from Pomeroy and Middleport Police Departments responded to the area of U.S. 33 and State Route 681 for a male subject running in and out of traffic wearing nothing but blue jeans and one sock. Sgt. Jones arrived in the area to find a male subject, who was later identified as Todd A. Dill, age 42, of 40778 State Route 681 Pomeroy, allegedly running in the roadway. Sgt. Jones had to swerve his vehicle to avoid hitting Dill and then attempted to get Dill in his cruiser to avoid any further incident. Dill appeared to be on under the influence of an illegal substance and incoherent to Sgt. Jones’ commands. Dill then ran up the west bound lane of U.S. 33 to Rocksprings Road to avoid arrest. In attempt to stop Dill for his safety, Sgt. Jones deployed his taser but only striking Dill with 1 barb as Mr. Dill jumped the guardrail disappeared into the night. Dill was arrested the next morning at a residence on Flatwoods Road. He is currently being house in the Meigs County Jail pending court appearances.

March 1

Vehicle stop — Deputies Babb and King with the assistance of the Middleport Police Department, arrested Anthony Doerfer, age 33, of 43820 Cook Road, Pomeroy, after a vehicle stop on Powell Street in Middleport. Doerfer was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and child endangerment after he allegedly attempted to conceal an illegal substance on a child.

March 2

Overdose — Sgt. Jones, while at the Go Mart in Tuppers Plains, was notified of male that appeared to be slumped over in his car in the parking lot. Deputy King and EMS responded to the scene. The male was administered two Narcan doses by Sgt. Jones and was transported to Holzer Pomeroy Emergency room.